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Current projects:

  • DIN rail domotic devices (Shortage)
  • DMX Panel Controller (Closing - Pending)
  • ExamPCB LED (Paused)
  • PCBID/PCBIDB (Background)
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Hello cathode people, time!

This is my technology-oriented account. Just one side of me.
I work as a hardware engineer and teacher living in Madrid. I'm committed to the free culture philosophy, supporting FLOSS and FreeHardware. In my spare time I develop things and collaborate with people. I like geek stuff. Also a game developer wannabe.

Today I have been preparing the website with hugo
I have taken a base theme and I have been modifying it. It has been a lot of work. I have added:

  • Emoji support
  • Katex support, from markdown syntax and shortcode.
  • Mermaid support from shortcode
  • PCBID support from shortcode
  • Search engine with lunr
  • Category cloud
  • List of categories and tags.

And best of all, I have no idea how I got all that to work.

I still have: A lot of CSS work to do.

Thoughts about hugo (website builder) 

I like hugo, but I am not able to understand why the features it is capable of, depend directly on the theme. Same with the configuration.

I think it would be easier for everyone, if the hugo engine determined minimum capabilities and common configuration options. And that all themes are built around this. It would be a more compact and complete common documentation, and easier to understand and implement.

There are cool themes that are barely documented and that makes them unusable. Changing the theme of a website once customized is complex because the configuration of a theme is not valid for another... I can't test several themes on the same content to see which one fits better with the aesthetics I'm looking for, without spending an hour manually configuring each theme. And that is a big usability problem.

I hope the developers think about this and change it in the next major version.

After thinking again about migrating the website from wordpress to hugo, tonight I dreamt that I did it. So I woke up this morning and started to do it.
I didn't remember how tiresome it is to set up the theme.
I hope to have it ready at some point.

Looking for cable assembly factory.

For a work project, I am looking for a factory that performs cable assembly to order. The factory I have worked with previously has closed, and I can't find another one that wants to accept this order because of "small quantities".

I need the assembly of different types of cables, from one conductor to fifty conductors, from 16AWG to 24AWG. Different types of connectors/terminals. A total of 2300 cables.

Does anyone know of one where I can request a quote? It doesn't matter if it is an international order. Thank you. Boosts welcome.

Wordpress 6 is out, is it time to switch to Hugo?

For my first contact with SLA printing, I have learned several things:

  • My 10+ years of experience with FDM printers is worthless.
  • Safety measures, dirty and clean area workflow, as well as waste management is much more complex than it first appears, and cannot be overlooked.
  • The parameters of each printer and each resin are unique and if they are not in databases it is a matter of experimentation. And I don't have much confidence in the reliability of community databases.
  • Maybe it was not a good idea that for the first project, I have to use engineering resins for advanced users. But it was a fundamental requirement.
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How difficult it is being to get PCBA quote for a large project.

I am considering posting here the artwork projects in which I have collaborated. Put the repository, technical details, the artist's website with the information of the artwork and some photos.

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Okay, I'm curious, when did you guys first hear about/join Linux? Please boost for a wider data pool. :boost_love:

It's so hot that I'm in the derating zone and I can't do anything.

I'm going to buy a SLA 3D printer at last!
Those of you who have one, anything I should know?

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Bueno, pues ya estaría.

Ahora sí, total de entregas del tutorial de cifrado con GPG, en mi cápsula #gemini Archienemigos.


O desde proxy web:

Espero que os sea de utilidad.

Yesterday I was thinking about a project that will need separate digital and analog supplies, and I found among a lot of other literature this article that I thought was pretty good:

From the creators of "three op-amps to light an LED" comes "I light another LED with the spare op-amp".

I'm having a great time playing with op amps and learning a bit more about analog electronics.

I designed a simpler, less precise little circuit today that basically does the same thing as its big sibling.

I have been testing platformio cli and have been pleasantly surprised. They seem to have support for many microcontrollers and it works quite well. I will give it a try as a development environment for some project.
Thanks @s0 for showing it to me.

Looking forward to june to test the next linux mint release.

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I am in the dichotomy of using the classic but NRND ATmega328P, or switching to the new ATmega4809.

I know the ATmega328P very well, but I can't switch to the new ATmega328PB due to lack of official support, so I'm worried that I'm condemning the life span of whatever I do.

On the other hand, the ATmega4809 I neither know it nor have how to program it, and I have the impression that there is not much intention to give it a great support.

What are you using in new developments (or what would you use if these chips were available).
It is for simple developments where an 8-bit microcontroller is ideal.

Explanation of vote and RT is greatly appreciated!

oh, I feel like I'm stuck in project development, it's so frustrating!

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