2 Raspberry Pi 3 B+, 4 different Micro SD Cards

What am I doing wrong? 😕​ (Other than the camera focus…)

@caoimhechaos It's very strange! If it were only on one, I would say it has a faulty socket, but for it to happen on two different ones is confusing.
When you press the card into the socket it should latch in, and another press should be needed to release it.

@RileyStarlight according to @LunaTheMoonGirl s research this is a normal failure mode unfortunately, and the fix is to use a needle to poke out the spring of the SD card reader and to use it as a regular, non-spring loaded one. Which appears to work rather well for me.


@caoimhechaos I didn't know it was a common failure. That explains why the RPI4 is not spring loaded.

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