Looking for cable assembly factory.

For a work project, I am looking for a factory that performs cable assembly to order. The factory I have worked with previously has closed, and I can't find another one that wants to accept this order because of "small quantities".

I need the assembly of different types of cables, from one conductor to fifty conductors, from 16AWG to 24AWG. Different types of connectors/terminals. A total of 2300 cables.

Does anyone know of one where I can request a quote? It doesn't matter if it is an international order. Thank you. Boosts welcome.

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@RileyStarlight How about Their selection of connectors is somewhat limited, so I'm not sure whether it'd work for your case. Also, make sure to read first!

@RileyStarlight (They primarily do PCB prototyping so that's what most of the About text is about, but AFAIK the same limitations apply for their cable manufacturing)

@joepie91 Thanks, I already knew dirtypcb. A few years ago we ordered a sample kit from them for this same project.
The problem with it is that they are very limited in the connectors/terminals to use, and in general with generic connectors instead of brand name. This is a problem for this project.
Anyway we were planning to ask them for a quote if we couldn't find another option.

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