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Telling on myself but: Just wrapped up migrating my employers custom deb packages from a increasingly cranky Ubuntu 14.04 VMWare Workstation VM, to use Docker scripts to build them under 20.04 .

In the process, found changes that hadn't been committed, or pushed, from 2017. Which was the last time those packages had been built.


Oh, and they now actually specify their build dependencies. Mostly. I'm sure I missed some (and over-copy-pasted for others).

(20.04 was the LTS when I started this task. My next task is to update to 22.04, which will be much easier now the builds are fully specified.)

Oh, it's open source. So I could fork it...

And I've just thought of other improvements I'd like in the game, that would make it more realistic (but not necessarily more fun...).

I don't need ANOTHER project!

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Today I found the game BitBurner. It's yet another Uplink, but this one includes writing scripts in real ECMAScript (give or take a few releases, there's no lambdas 😥).

The tutorial walks you through writing your first script, and it uses async/await to trigger off some built in functionality that gives you a reward after time, ok gotcha.

First script I write outside the tutorial uses a Promise.all() to see how hard I can slam the async nature of the system.

Oh, it kills the script if you use two of the special async functions in parallel. Well. Hmm. So what you're saying is, it's not async at all...

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Yesterday I provided a bug report on an open source library, and suggested a fix.
Today the developer implemented the fix exactly as specified.

I feel a bit proud.

Today is a good day. I've been working on a system that's gone through a few "This looks like it will work, oh, no ok no it won't" iterations. Today the lessons learned from all those attempts came together and the prototype really feels like the right way to approach the problem. It's a satisfying feeling.

I finally got around to actually calculating the power requirements for the 10 strips of 120 RGBs I picked up.
3 0.06A LEDs per pixel = 0.18A per pixel
120 pixels per strip = 21.6A per strip
10 strips = 216A total, just for the LEDs

Admittedly, that's for them all on at full (PWM) brightnesss, so it's the worst case. And the image I'm planning on displaying will be mostly off pixels. But still, that's quite a bit of draw to allow for!

I just got Conways Game Of Life running in CUDA on the GPU, in Julia.

It's completely pointless at the moment, as I'm encoding it to video, which means copying it off the GPU to the CPU and stalling for the encode to happen...

But as a Proof Of Concept of Cellular Automata on the GPU, it's doing what it's meant to do!

It's my first working CUDA project.

COVID, Australian Government 

Just got my 3rd Pfizer vaccine booster. Same day appointment at the closest GP.

It really stands out how different the logistics are between getting a booster (medical level refrigeration required, individual vial tracking) and a RAT (room temperature bulk packaged item) are... you'd THINK the RATs would be easier to get!


Maybe I'm weird, but I don't consider "Change the way one of the command line parameters works", or "Change how plugins are specified" to be patch version changes.

Looking at you, typedoc-plugin-markdown@3.11.10

I've wasted so much time trying to work around being stuck on an old version of Node for compatibility with our main product, while wishing to use newer libraries and tools that require newer runtimes.

Today I found exists - a simple command line tool to have multiple installs of node present, and to switch which one is active with just one command.

On NYE, I impulse purchased 10x 2m LED strips (120 LED's per strip). Addressable RGB (XC4390).

Wasn't until afterward I realized I don't have any convenient way to power them all. I'm thinking I'm going to fall back to using a computer PSU. But that's only going to work during prototyping, I want to assemble these strips into a display matrix and put it on a wall, so I'm going to need something a little more discreet.

So that's how I found myself shaving the yak.

COVID, American medical system, Australian politics, despair, vent 

Well. I am <sarcasm>shocked</sarcasm> to learn that someone at the party tested positive afterward. They think they picked it up before the party, from people who were vaxxed, who were pre/non-symptomatic at the time. Oh, and this person was triple vaxxed, yet here we are.

I spent the entire time outside, but my partner stayed at the party until the next evening (it was a hell of a party), so waiting on their PCR. Fingers crossed, but I'm not optimistic.

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COVID, American medical system, Australian politics, despair, vent 

Up until now, none of my direct contacts have gotten COVID-19. We've all treated it as a real possibility, and I'd like to think that's how we've avoided it.

But now, one of my friends in the US has it (fortunately, double vaxxed so it's "mild"), and their lungs are bad. As in, they went to hospital for lung problems BEFORE COVID-19 was a thing. And because of how US medical system, they are just staying home. I'm really worried for them.

Meanwhile, here in Australia, we family is going to a New Years party. Yeah, everyone's required to be double vaxxed, but masks are going to be few and far between, despite the legal requirements. ("Oh, I'm drinking, that makes it ok.") And don't get me started on yesterdays Federal "Oh it's only a close contact if it was for four hours, indoors, under a full moon, while turning widdershins the whole time".

We're fucked.

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