Sleeping is just bringing tomorrow's problems to today

feelings, negative 

why does taking leave always feels like a bad thing to do? i feel like i'm dumping my boss, who at this point is a friend, into a festering clusterfuck, and then i have to do a lot more work playing catchup.

first world problem 

I've run out of USB c ports on my Macbook Pro. I only have 2, but i need to charge it, use a usb c to HDMI 2.0 dongle, an SD card reader, and a samsung t7 ssd :blob_sad:​

Autistic feels 

After a very long day of driving and being out and about socialising, coming home and wanting to cook pasta for dinner. I find that my housemate has thrown a BBQ. There's People everywhere. I don't want to interact with them, Social Battery is already depleted. So now I can't make dinner. πŸ˜”

when you look at old (2 weeks old) code and think, "why the fuck did i do that" fml

We're all trapped inside our own heads, aren't we

Tech rant 

Also, VMix's audio controls suck 9f you want to do anything more than levels. My soundcraft UI 12 is coming out of retirement for Wednesday.

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Tech rant 

Had some fun times tonight. Works new cameras apparently decided to not output audio downstream to the video mixer when the audio hasn't been playing for a while.

I can't get DNS to resolve on my Nas, I've even reset it and it's still not working. Uuuffgfgg

What do I do for a living? I fix other people's headaches

Just bought a Synology nas, got sink of my hanky set up

"if it's not rattling, or actively on fire, it probably fine" - @s0​

I love using Ubuntu on hardware, rather then a VM. So much snappier

Where do you go when you don't want to be at work or at home?

I did end up getting archivy working, but even in its 1.0 release, it's not ready for use at all. The only way to create users is in the docker command line. Not a fan so far.

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