Debugging really thorny issues with Dante & PTP at work.

Why can’t I have Matrix augmentation of direct Packet Vision when I look at a network cable. I want to see the woman in the red dress in the wireshark capture

There’s also a device that either: has an internal switch that is incorrectly routing packets to the wrong interface which is a problem, or, it is leaking packets over the air from an empty Ethernet connector into a nearby cable.


@s0 most of not Dante devices have an internal switch

@belee it’s a Yamaha QL1. The question is less if there is an internal switch (there kinda has to be one with the primary and secondary Dante ports) but if it’s also connected to the management interface. The fact the management interface seems to have two separate internal physical devices as well (2 MAC addresses) made me conclude that there’s a switch on both, and I guess, the same switch, and somehow packets leaking across…

@s0 from what I can tell, Yamaha does Dante werid

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