[openpgp] "What is my purpose?"
"You verify binary package downloads on Linux systems."
"Oh, my god."

just installed flash player in netscape navigator 9 running natively in ubuntu 20.04


orchiectomy help 

urology wants me to see endocrinology again before I can do anything. why? is this normal? what is endocrinology going to do here?


forcefem bdsm i.e. giving your girlfriend her IM injection because she's scared of needles and calling her cute and good afterwards and giving her chocolate

it's me, I'm scared-of-needles girlfriend

sex toys discussion 

What are your favourites? What would you recommend? I've been thinking about things that I could get for myself.

database crimes 

classmates made a database with an fname and an lname field, each limited to 16 characters

about to break the news to them that this person exists en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hubert_B.

Hot OpenStreetMap editors are in your area!

[cadence -> kylenz_linz] hey bby ;)
[kylenz_linz -> cadence] o///o sorry, I'm not really in your area... I'm just a linz importer,,
[cadence has ended the chat.]

orchiectomy plans, help request 

Okay, I'm seriously considering getting one.

My reasons:
- Want to reduce bulge size in tight clothing
- Want to reduce dysphoria
- I wouldn't mind reducing testosterone levels

What I'm worried about:
- Hope I can still get GRS in the distant future
- Hope it doesn't hurt too much after

I'm really interested to hear from people who have had this experience, and I'd love to hear their thoughts about the things I listed, and whether there's anything important I need to know. If you know anyone who's had orchi, would you mind tagging them in?

@SuricrasiaOnline hey, have you ever seen the world's most popular non-crypto probably-a-currency? or maybe you wondered what those KORN ACCEPTED HERE icons were while you were browsing the web? now you know. korn.club

me last week: yeah I'm kinda dom I guess

me this week: bind me, slap me, hurt me, throatfuck me, degrade me to nothing, make me choke, make me cry, deny my orgasms, and make me beg for all of it and more

sex difficulty levels:

- hey, not too rough
- hurt me plenty
- ultra-violence

cursed, cadence no 

[ben shapiro voice] so let's say, hypothetically, for the sake of argument, you were my little cumslut,

anyone want to play strip 5d chess with multiverse time travel with me? this is a SINCERE request

possible rules:
- take off an item of clothing when you create a timeline
- take off an item of clothing when one of your pieces is captured

I will send you the game files if you do not own it and want to play

so let's say, hypothetically, for the sake of argument, I was a subby mess, and you kissed me

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