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Heya! I'm Caoimhe. I try to make my own things sometimes, using microcontrollers, soldering, batteries, solar and wind power, and recycled plastic. I write free software when I get around to it. I like to repair my own stuff.

What size was the first hard drive you ever owned?

My USB battery charger is drawing so little power that the solar charge controller just keeps turning itself off -.-

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but hey, the glue sticks, so it's got that going for it

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inb4 the whole stupid camera dies from heat damage

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You can leak cryptographic keys and data through CPU boost behavior affecting timing 😮

Constant time algorithms are at odds with CPU optimizations 😕

Finally managed to fix all sync errors in the Nextcloud client. The cache table on the server had a couple of invalid entries:

• A couple of entries had an mtime of Jan 1 1970
• One entry had an mtime in the year 2038
• One entry existed in the file cache table, but not on the server

After months, for the first time the check mark is green again. But how does that even happen…?

Seems that the atom editor with its thousands of useful plug-ins is now on the chopping block to promote Visual Studio instead

Update: I re-did a lot of soldering spots, now they appear to turn on relatively reliably, but only the left side is working.

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I wish the people who are complaining about planned obsolescence because their years-old processor is not powerful enough to run the latest games would turn their eyes on companies like Wacom instead.

I have a Wacom Bamboo that I bought back in 2013. It's a drawing tablet with a pen that is pressure sensitive and has an eraser function assigned to its back, plus a button for moving the view pane instead of drawing. It also supports multi touch use with fingers.

If I try to use the tablet under Windows or Mac OS, the driver doesn't support it and blatantly tells me to buy a new tablet instead. Under Linux it works perfectly fine.

And if I did buy a more modern graphics tablet, pressure sensitivity and an eraser back are now features that are only part of the high end offers by Wacom, so I'd have to buy a professional model for my amateur, beginner level drawing skills.

Just not ok. It's a perfectly working graphics tablet. It just happens to be 9 years old.

I appear to have briefly fixed my Sony WH-1000XM3, but then they stopped working again a bit later. Must be a lose soldering connection or something.

I guess you can tell that many tech people don't cook from how long it took for smartphones to get the ability to set multiple timers at the same time.

to be clear, I have the hooks set up, I just don't know how to make sure they get distributed with the repository…

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Hum, wasn't there a way to have pre-commit git hooks part of the repository so that they get shared between everyone checking the repository out? I'd like to run a linter pre-commit for everyone working on a project…

commercial vendors 

Oh nice, so Apple is pulling an Ohlol / Open Hub and declaring all apps that haven't received updates in a while to be dead?

Change rate is not a good metric of software quality. You can check if the app still builds and all, but a piece of code that is not getting updated in years may be

a) abandoned, or
b) well designed for a very specific purpose which it fulfills 100%

I have that problem with a small library I wrote years ago to implement some tools for writing C code in low resource environments; it does exactly what it should, so it was never updated, but this is why people consider it abandoned. -.-

Phew, finally got around to finishing up the documentation of my NFC player setup:

Conrad Energy rechargeable batteries don't seem to last very long 🤔

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