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Oh nice, so Apple is pulling an Ohlol / Open Hub and declaring all apps that haven't received updates in a while to be dead?

Change rate is not a good metric of software quality. You can check if the app still builds and all, but a piece of code that is not getting updated in years may be

a) abandoned, or
b) well designed for a very specific purpose which it fulfills 100%

I have that problem with a small library I wrote years ago to implement some tools for writing C code in low resource environments; it does exactly what it should, so it was never updated, but this is why people consider it abandoned. -.-

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commercial vendors 

@caoimhechaos it’s already a shame that I can no longer play some of the old mobile ports I remember (tony hawk‘s, driver..) because they never where updated to 64Bit.

This is going to make that problem a lot worse

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