I wish the people who are complaining about planned obsolescence because their years-old processor is not powerful enough to run the latest games would turn their eyes on companies like Wacom instead.

I have a Wacom Bamboo that I bought back in 2013. It's a drawing tablet with a pen that is pressure sensitive and has an eraser function assigned to its back, plus a button for moving the view pane instead of drawing. It also supports multi touch use with fingers.

If I try to use the tablet under Windows or Mac OS, the driver doesn't support it and blatantly tells me to buy a new tablet instead. Under Linux it works perfectly fine.

And if I did buy a more modern graphics tablet, pressure sensitivity and an eraser back are now features that are only part of the high end offers by Wacom, so I'd have to buy a professional model for my amateur, beginner level drawing skills.

Just not ok. It's a perfectly working graphics tablet. It just happens to be 9 years old.

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