What size was the first hard drive you ever owned?

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So for me, my dad had a 286 laptop that had a 21 MB hard disk in it. I got a 386 a bit later for myself, and I think it had some Maxtor thing in it that was less than 200 MB but I am not completely sure what size it was. I got it in Winter of 1991/1992. Before then I was only allowed to store my data on 3.5" and 5.25" floppies.

- first "own" 60GB 2,5" IDE in an Acer Extensa 2902LMi
- first played with 400mb Texas Instruments Laptop (still have it, but it was my mom's Laptop before)
- first "really" used 6GB IDE -> Win 98 FE P2 Tower with 80cm hight

@caoimhechaos Technically not mine, but the family's first PC (386SX with 16 MHz) had a 40 MiB HDD when my dad brought it home from work. He later brought a 270 MiB HDD and then a 540 MiB one which I used as replacements.

Fun fact: The BIOS could only access 504 MiB of that last disk, but I didn't mind since it still was a free upgrade.

My first own PC (433 MHz Intel Celeron, Pentium II generation) (which I built from scratch) started with a 10 GiB HDD and later got an additional 40 GiB HDD.

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