Dealing with a very frustrating case of debugging leads to changing the environment:

My Raspberry Pi seems to be having problems with the wifi adapter after I upgraded Debian from buster to bullseye.

However, when I plug in the HDMI adapter and a keyboard, there is not enough power anymore to power the wifi adapter, so I can't figure out why it doesn't work.

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Looks like the underlying problem was that Ⓐ the network interface was renamed because of the upgrade, and Ⓑ whatever I used at the time to trigger wpa_supplicant was not being run anymore… I should probably figure out how I did that in the past. And maybe have a puppet profile.

According to my previous records, wpa_supplicant used to be started by dhcpcd 🤔 Not sure how that worked

@eigenellies it's a Zero 2 I believe, in any case not the W variant since the wifi sucks on that. It has an USB wifi adapter (Realtek 8811au). The adapter appears to request 100mW from USB and the RPi rejects it.

@eigenellies In any case I've had that a lot with the RPi Zero / RPi 2 Zero that plugging in HDMI reduces the power budget so much that USB devices start dropping out

@eigenellies well, they're ok USB wifi adapters you can get for cheap en masse… and a million times better than the built-in shite of the RPi Zero W

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