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My new Raspberry Pi for the birdfeeder camera arrived and I already set it up! It replaces an ODroid XU4.

This upgrade will hopefully allow me to bump the video resolution from 480p to 1080p, which should give us significantly more high-res insights into the appetite of the local wildlife.

Also, hopefully this setup will turn out to be more stable; right now the Odroid keeps hitting some form of power/thermal limits and going into reboot loops from things as simple as running rsync or journalctl.

Why is everyone dimming their LED by modulating the voltage? Not so easy to find example code of dimming them by pulsing them on and off…

Is there a more efficient way to write

(x & 0x80 >> 4) | (x & 0x40 << 1) | (x & 0x20) | (x & 0x10 >> 3) | (x & 0x08 >> 1) | (x & 0x04 << 4) | (x & 0x02 << 3) | (x & 0x01)

? 😕​

I'm trying to spread a counter as evenly as possible into a bit field so that as we count down we get uniformly less bits set

What would be an easy and cheap way to detect whether a nearby bluetooth speaker is still emitting sounds and cause some form of visual representation if it's not?

Me: “I don't like touchscreens. Gimme a laptop anytime.”

Also me: “I can't wait to unbox this new touchscreen panel I got from China!”


When 3D designing with OpenSCAD, I love how often I have to use the union() statement :blob_inlove:

I wanted to put an end to the chaos on the living room table so I printed a power supply and tablet stand including cable holders. Things look a lot nicer now!

(Repost because I forgot image descriptions… sorry)

What kind of glue would one use to glue on heat sinks? The glue should not block heat transfer too much, and it also shouldn't melt under heat obviously.

The goal is to glue a heat sink to a stepper motor, vertically…

LED necklace proof of concept: working. I think I understood the thing with resistors and dropping voltage now.

looks at 2.4V button cells

I see you! You're just 2 1.2V button cells in a trench coat!

Hmm… what is the most power efficient way to beam digital data in a directed or undirected stream from one Arduino to another wirelessly?

Video: “How does a Vapor Chamber work?”

Me: “Yeah, how does a vapor chamber work?”

watches first 10 seconds of the video

Me: “Ah, I remember now…”

Heating up the remains of the brass tube with the soldering iron seems to have done the job; I did not end up melting the peek insulator as I was afraid I would.

With the casualty of only one fixing pin from trying to get the remaining plastic out, the 3D printer appears to work again now — and use M6 threaded nozzles rather than M6*0.75, which gives me more options for nozzles.

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Meh, one of my peek isolators is stuck in the hotend holder and the other one has the remains of a brass tube stuck in it. I need a needle that I can heat to a very precise temperature to fix that… like a soldering iron, but thinner…

Heya! I'm Caoimhe. I try to make my own things sometimes, using microcontrollers, soldering, batteries, solar and wind power, and recycled plastic. I write free software when I get around to it. I like to repair my own stuff.

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