selfie ec, boards 

Got boards! Now we just need port the firmware to the GD32 😬


i'm so incredibly happy to have a selection of accounts where i can order like 80% of the stuff i usually need.

my rs-components works now too, which means i can order all the mechanical parts for some projects too in a pinch. costs double what it would from aliexpress, but also means next-day delivery instead of next two months.

oh and i'm further wasting time of people at digi-key because the twitter rep reached out to me again to ask if everything went alright. told him they quietly closed my order and he replied "what!? i'll look into that".

so at least i know i wasted more of that companies money than they ever made from me, lol.

business nonse 

heck, today's one of those mythical good mondays, never had one of those before.

just sent out an invoice *and* a big order of assembled PCBs finished just now :3

i like this, more of this pls.

electronics nonse 

i want to get a nitrogen absorber membrane, some activated charcoal and build a co2 scrubber with that.
with that i could get co2 in a room below 400ppm to fuck with the co2 sensors.

"ha! i guess you did not expect that silly co2 microphone!"


(i'm maybe a bit excited for the SCD41 devkit, also i should sleep)

nice 🐭er is shipping again :blobcat_nwn:
am excite for parts.

I wonder why there's always cat hair in my food. I guess we'll never know.

random hardware musings 

i want to build hardware for an alternative cyberpunk future, where computational power is less abundant but where it's easy to build things and systems.

where everything is simple protocols out of necessity and where in turn sharing and transfer of knowledge is easy because one can understand something down to the last bits that make it up.

kinda like home-computer levels of complexity and styled similar to cyberdecks and so on.
but with actual openness and a community that is about sharing around it, that and an easy way to interact with others over the internet because that's what we already have.

there's also cool protocols like gemini which would be easy to support. like, how cool is it that it's feasible to just build your own hardware and write a browser for it with the full feature-set that's supported by a protocol...


> NRAM is non-volatile memory utilizing a new technology called carbon nanotubes



i would really like to have a way to shoot with ionizing radiation at semiconductors.
the science of radiation-tolerant or resistant hardware just fascinates me. and why is it so expensive to shoot stuff up into space :(

oh and i kinda wanna go with oshpark after dark and forget all about emi and layout and just make it look awesome. i feel such cool technology deserves this.

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yesterday i did a silly again and just asked Fujitsu for some samples of ReRAM. they already wrote back and now i need to find the executive function to reply,,

ReRAM is really cool and based on memristors which i thought were only theoretical actually?? or i'm mistaking it for something else again...

anynya, i actually wanted some samples of FeRAM and accidentally pasted the 1MBit ReRAM part number :blobcat_facepalm:

still, gonna ask them for like 10 chips and build something cool with that.

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