birbsite nonse 

apparently my fastPARTS screenshot struck a nerve with someone who's developing a closed source SaaS thingy that he felt he needs to DM me and offer me a discount code.

i told him it's completely different what we're building, with different goals. and that the feature which is literally least concern on their priority list is the *one* thing *we* need.

"but it has an API and you could implement this yourself!!!"

why. pls why. aaaaaa.

very strong "pls stop developing your open source alternative and use my SaaS" energy.



i'll... i'll just really fucking build this now. for fucks sake.


just ordered like 80% of the mechanical parts we need to build a pnp. rip my wallet ;_;

otoh, there will be enough cut linear rails left to build a second cnc machine, just no idea yet what it's gonna be. but one step at a time.

also whenever this will be "done" (i.e. working in some capacity) i'll post the cad files somewhere. it should really be possible to build something for ~1k EUR bom cost which has a performance of around 4000-5000 CPH.

this cat is incredibly angry at companies enforcing arbitrary rules again. i just want to bap circuit boards in peace,

okay, maybe i can actually make some progress on cleaning up the lab today.

i spent more than two hours (wall-time) on bagging cables in ziploc bags already. this is extremely great for accessing them when needed.

oh and i only have like 20 or so bags left from the 100 i ordered. there's just so gosh-damn many cables around here,, and this is mostly just power/usb/display stuff. no lab cables.

also bagged a bunch of motors and other assorted aliexpress stuff in smaller esd bags. doing that feels really great, it feels like an adhd-friendly way to do cleaning.

i can split up cleaning up in extremely small units of work (bag those three items) and at the same time it scales very well for when i'm hyper too.

oh and, no energy for inventorying and labeling? just do it later, because those are transparent bags and i don't have to open them to see what's inside.

i love finding a satisfying local optimum to a problem :3

Did you know that one can get compatible JBC handles *and* tips for the C245 and C210 line?
They cost a heck of a lot less (~20 freedom monies shipped) and should be just as good. The tips probably won't be the same quality but i'll probably order some original ones too and compare them.

I also have an original NT115 handle on its way (got an original + compatible T245 already) and i'll build a resistive heater controller for them.
My goal is to design an open hardware, jbc compatible soldering station that's extremely affordable. And to provide links etc. for the compatible stuff so that it can be 100% off-brand :blobcat_nwn:

got 15kg of stainless steel push-buttons today \o/ but the cable is mirrored (specs were right) /o\

biz nonse 

dealing with customs again today. fun fun fun. i'm slowly through all the freight companies which do their own customs processing here. and i mean, it's quite smooth, but i'd prefer not having to deal with that at all... blegh.

today is fedex/schenker logistics, i already had fedex/tnt once.

embedded rust 

i am once again working on stm32-rs svd files and i still don't know if it will be worth to put all that effort in,,

like, will i have the spoons to write a usb-c pd crate for the g0 in the end?

it's such a strong "do it right vs. just get it done" and i'd be probably done way sooner if i'd just barf out some code which uses the st hal and stuff instead of doing everything in rust from the ground up. *sigh*

soldering irons 

we bought a JBC station this week because we need an iron with enough power to solder big copper planes.

it arrived today and oh boi, this is something else. soldered some chonky stamped metal terminals as if they were smol pins.
also we got a tip that is formed like a tiny spoon and this works soooo well.

oh and i was kinda unhappy with the ChipQuick solder we have rn and... it's just good actually? i don't have any issues soldering with it anymore now.

anyways, i want to build a controller for the knockoff JBC handles more than ever now, kinda like the OtterIron Pro, but a bit more polished, maybe with a station base and just for everyday use.

LCSC lost my order from a month ago, but at least i got a refund 🙃
(that makes it 1x RS, 1x LCSC for this year)

selfie ec, boards 

Got boards! Now we just need port the firmware to the GD32 😬


i'm so incredibly happy to have a selection of accounts where i can order like 80% of the stuff i usually need.

my rs-components works now too, which means i can order all the mechanical parts for some projects too in a pinch. costs double what it would from aliexpress, but also means next-day delivery instead of next two months.

oh and i'm further wasting time of people at digi-key because the twitter rep reached out to me again to ask if everything went alright. told him they quietly closed my order and he replied "what!? i'll look into that".

so at least i know i wasted more of that companies money than they ever made from me, lol.

business nonse 

heck, today's one of those mythical good mondays, never had one of those before.

just sent out an invoice *and* a big order of assembled PCBs finished just now :3

i like this, more of this pls.

electronics nonse 

i want to get a nitrogen absorber membrane, some activated charcoal and build a co2 scrubber with that.
with that i could get co2 in a room below 400ppm to fuck with the co2 sensors.

"ha! i guess you did not expect that silly co2 microphone!"


(i'm maybe a bit excited for the SCD41 devkit, also i should sleep)

nice 🐭er is shipping again :blobcat_nwn:
am excite for parts.

I wonder why there's always cat hair in my food. I guess we'll never know.

random hardware musings 

i want to build hardware for an alternative cyberpunk future, where computational power is less abundant but where it's easy to build things and systems.

where everything is simple protocols out of necessity and where in turn sharing and transfer of knowledge is easy because one can understand something down to the last bits that make it up.

kinda like home-computer levels of complexity and styled similar to cyberdecks and so on.
but with actual openness and a community that is about sharing around it, that and an easy way to interact with others over the internet because that's what we already have.

there's also cool protocols like gemini which would be easy to support. like, how cool is it that it's feasible to just build your own hardware and write a browser for it with the full feature-set that's supported by a protocol...


> NRAM is non-volatile memory utilizing a new technology called carbon nanotubes



i would really like to have a way to shoot with ionizing radiation at semiconductors.
the science of radiation-tolerant or resistant hardware just fascinates me. and why is it so expensive to shoot stuff up into space :(

oh and i kinda wanna go with oshpark after dark and forget all about emi and layout and just make it look awesome. i feel such cool technology deserves this.

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