duck duck go remove memories fast easy free

@s0 i think i have a mini hdmi to full size hdmi cable somewhere

gmail what the fuck
not only is there spam in my inbox it's literal illegal content?
fuck i should've reported before i deleted it whoops

It's probably really buggy but I did it. Twitter links load nitter in a frame styled to match your pinafore theme.

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[worst fucking noises imaginable to humankind] x3

Actually I could totally just make it embed nitter when you click a twitter link at least

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more bee sex 

@elilla isn't this flower sex, not bee sex?

Like upgrading
🐦🔗-style (Q)RTs to embed properly, viewing threads, etc. Not posting and probably not following.

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There's no way this is a realistic thing for me to do but it'd be cool if I added twitter support to pinafore

there should be a warioware minigame about pressing the stop button on the microwave at the right time so it only makes one beep and doesn't wake anybody up

probable food crimes 

kimchi with mayonnaise is good actually

@oat I get music playing in my head when I'm tired I think
or maybe that's not when it happens idk
but it happens sometimes

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i have a new alt
if we're mutuals then pls go follow
might make it my main eventually but for now it is just going to be a smaller, more personal account

I need the windows "add and remove windows features" dialog but it's "add and remove brainworms" for my brain

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when your SVG isn't animating properly 

SMIL issue

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