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time for me to speedrun learning solidworks in time for class (this is the "finding out" stage of the "fucking around" (not going to class))

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With riots and internet censorship in iran, there is an increase in tor traffic to be expected.
So if you have bandwidth and data there is an easy way to make your internet connection to a tor proxy with snowflake.

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OH: please remember to stay off the floor

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comlink over is a perfectly reasonable way to do rpc, right?

graphic description of death (video game) 

the hl2 rebar crossbow is fucked up actually
like if you got shot with it you'd be pinned to whatever's behind you by a burning stick of metal until you bleed out or whatever

shader devs be like applies a shader to you, making you photorealistic and shiny

the snap map is kinda weird, like you can just see what people are doing everywhere with like zero effort?

I wish my brain would simply not think things I don't want it to

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local girl stays up late AGAIN, will suffer consequences of own actions AGAIN

I wish c had arbitrarily sized integers, I need a int17 (16 bits plus sign)

so i can do things streamingly and not in stages

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fuck i think i need to write my own utf8 parser

i think it would be funny if there was internet-wide mdns

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