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"It remains a work in progress."
Everything we do is a work in progress, until the day it's deleted from the tree.

@codeberg ich hab einen Laptop auf dem null sticker sind…

wenn ich bei euch Mitglied im eV werde, schickt ihr mir ein sticker? :blob_3c:

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There is currently a petition for Universal Base Income in Europe, on the website of the European Commission. It would be nice if you could sign it (assuming you're European), and share it.

Covid, gerpol 

the fact that health insurance in Germany has increased thanks to corona, makes it pretty clear that this is not a social country

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what is your cable management philosophy?

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if you want to make a blockchain powered thing i recommend designing it, and then just removing the blockchain part. it will still be a cool project i promise you

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wireshark is on their way to the datacenter

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With so much going on right now, it feels a little weird for me to be talking about @OpenSourceOrg election season. But I am not planning on running for another term and I really want to see some great people step up. Please ask me questions and consider running! My DMs are open!

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>How to bring a language to the future


"Last year, scientists changed the official guidelines for naming genes because Microsoft Excel kept misreading them as dates. In other words, scientific tradition buckled before computer formatting. The same thing, Ahmed warned, could happen culturally.”

i just wrote an 11 line shell script to automate a task.

the shell is , so i'm actually feeling quite good about it :blob_tonguewink:

i have reduced my caffeine intake to one (1) ristretto per day.

this would work out much much better if i was allowed a nap.

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