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i just realized that this is simply part of my very special talent: i touch a piece of software, and it keels over.

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TFW you kinda hope that app is mining crypto in the background, because if it's generating that much heat just from bad sprite coding, that's just sad.

i really love @codeberg

you know what i would love even more?

MORE Codebergs!
A Codealpchain full of Codebergs!

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Wollt ihr euren Servern, PCs oder Notebooks mal etwas gutes tun?

Mehr RAM ist immer gut, oder?

Ich habe einiges an RAM zu verschenken!
Ja, verschenken!
(Übernahme des Portos wäre schön)

Ich gebe ungern alles auf einmal her für "Lagerhaltung", gerne aber für eure konkreten Geräte.

Folgendes habe ich auf Lager:
23x DDR3 2GB unregistered ECC
22x DDR3 4GB registered ECC
sehr viele DDR2 ECC RAM

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nothing gives me life more than fascists absolutely losing their shit over a FOSS code of conduct doing the bare minimum of "uhh maybe we shouldn't do racism or homophobia"

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What if we optimize an AI for curiousity / not getting bored.

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@ljwrites I mean I thought so too but the problem is that every distro has contrary and opinionated expressions of what the Ur-‘Modern OS’ is, without actually being able to define it. None of them can explain the ‘Modern OS’ any more than those in Plato’s cave can describe the anatomy of the beasts whose shadows they witness on the walls

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birdsite, Dorsey, blockchain 

So Jack's torquing Square Inc into a top-to-bottom blockchain asset company.

I look forward to the day I speak all of the aforementioned names with as much bile in my voice as I do CoinBase *spits audibly*
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reading: Twitter Is The Worst Reader 

some of the conclusions here
remind me of

i also wonder how much of it applies to fedi

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Eight hours for rest, eight hours for sleep, eight hours for what we will

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@cadadr hmm almost as if there is something wrong with PDFs themselves 🤔

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There is not a single decent PDF reader out there, if I may add.

Literally not even one.

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my $role at $work can be summarized, in management speak, as "enablement"

which sounds like i’m giving out free drugs to kids and computers with infinite bandwidth connecting directly to the dark-net.

rather than, you know, "teaching" and "teaching how to learn"

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The once-monthly ritual of figuring out how the system for reporting working hours operates.

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i am also pro normalize treating tools like enchanted objects sometimes that you have superstitions and emotions about, whatever role that is

gibt's eigentlich ein Keyboard das auf Deutsch gendern kann?

Lehrer:in / Schüler*in / Verkäufer_in / etc…

was auch immer der Konsens is, was am leserlichsten is

(wäre ja cool, wenn ich mir aussuchen könnte wie dieser ⟨ʔ⟩ für mich repräsentiert wird, auf meinem system.. was für mich am leserlichsten is…)

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So, starting in early 2022, I'm running eight videoconference sessions -- a combination of workshops, training, co-working, and discussion -- that you* can sign up for right now! 2/4

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