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i just realized that this is simply part of my very special talent: i touch a piece of software, and it keels over.

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terrible idea, NFTs 

new cryptocurrency that mines tokens by generating random bit patterns and parses them as PNGs until a neural network accepts it as looking like a Bored Ape

A Guide to Undefined Behavior in C and C++ 

The execution of a program consists of simple steps such as adding two numbers or jumping to a label. If every step in the execution of a program has defined behavior, then the entire execution is well-defined. Note that even well-defined executions may not have a unique result due to unspecified and implementation-defined behavior; we’ll ignore both of these here.

— John Regrhr, (emphasis mine)

Don't you love how C doesn't just have undefined behaviour, but also unspecified and implementation-defined behaviour, too?

don't you just love how simple and easy C is?

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Zeit meines Lebens als Lohnangestellte wurde mir gesagt:
Du bist zu nah bei deinen Mitarbeiter:innen.
Du bist ein Gutmensch.
Du bist naiv.

Eventuell wäre es gut, wenn Menschen in Konzernen auf diese Hinweise nicht hören, sondern mit mir die Zukunft gestalten?

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i'm looking at goreleaser and it's basically make, but in YAML, and for Go only.

and it has a Pro version

and it reminds me of all those other DevOps tools that tries to do the same damn thing over the past 12 odd years.

or, you know one of the 20 or so comercial Unices that was trying to distinguish itself thru special (incompatible) offerings.

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Privacy, battle rhetoric 

Mhm, with GDPR we won an important battle regarding privacy in Europe, but the overall war on privacy seems to be lost more and more these days. The current plans towards mass surveillance by the European Union is just the tip. The reform of E-commerce was successfully avoided. Exchange of biometric data is moving forward, Europol's data hoard that was supposed to be deleted was legalised after the fact. No big fines for big tech after 3 years.

This is not good.

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damn baby that project is looking dormant and forkable 🥵🥵🥵

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Kudos to PM Rutte ( for keeping his old phone for nearly a decade! But we stand with this reader who suggested a #Fairphone as a sustainable, long-lasting alternative that is proudly made in the NL and comes with expandable storage! 🌿 📱

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Somewhat usable scrollbars in Ubuntu 22.04 Gnome 42.1 

1. Disable auto-hide

Run in terminal:

gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.interface overlay-scrolling false

2. Increase width

Save following code to file:



@import url("resource:///com/ubuntu/themes/Yaru/3.0/gtk.css");

scrollbar slider {
/* Size of slider */
min-width: 15px;
min-height: 15px;
border-radius: 0px;

/* Padding around slider */
border: 5px solid transparent;

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I'm looking over my Xing, and someone sent me a message with my Name written Correctly!!!

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open source, pride 

Yesterday I provided a bug report on an open source library, and suggested a fix.
Today the developer implemented the fix exactly as specified.

I feel a bit proud.

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FOSS bros: If you don't like something on Linux, you can just use a distro that has what you want! Problem solved!!

Me: Is there even a single distro that has usable scroll bars?

FOSS bros: If you don't like something on Linux, you can just write an entire window manager from scratch and—

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#FreeBSD pkg release aka 1.18.0rc1 ;)
News sinces 1.17:
- add support for category and flavor in all queries (<category>/<portname>[@<flavor>]
- new tcp protocol to support inetd/spiped
- end of ftp support
- allow filtering out files at install time
- improvements on triggers
- plenty of bug and doc fixes

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@luci stop letting anglophones use computers and we solve the problem
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Is there a general web front-end for viewing #ActivityPub outboxes (for viewing posts & boosts) for arbitrary #Fediverse accounts? Or do I have to make one myself?

Preferably front-end only (i.e. HTML & #JavaScript).



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the joys of having a problem with firefox and feeling like reporting it imagining it's an easy fix,

but then going to the bug tracker and finding a years old forgotten ignored report

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some day i'm just going to make a PR on mastodon that will just be merging glitch-soc and entitle it “Improve Mastodon”

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i vouch not to invent anything until i have abolished capitalism and everything like it.

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