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Graeber tl;dr:

- Social credit is what you do with people you trust. In a community you have a moral obligation to care for each other, and a moral obligation to contribute. Different communities have different ways of dealing with "that one guy"

- Barter is what you do with people you don't trust. Exchanging unlike things is rarely just an economic transaction

- Currency is what you do when there's violence involved. It's mitigation of violence through convenience of administration. Crowd source anything

- The weird thing is how debt can be moral or transactional depending on power. Lack structural power, your debt is moral, and just be repaid through labor. Possess structural power, your debt is transactional, and your markers become money

My conclusion is that, when you look at a money supply, what you're looking at is how that empowers and mitigates violence - who it affects and how. That's why people from colonizer nations see cryptocurrency as an opportunity to participate in the oppressor class while those who are victims of colonialism see it as liberation

ISP rant 

Vodafone's one job should be to provide me (and millions others…) with Internet in my house and on my phone, and consistently, one of these things is failing.

to be fair, it's mostly "in the house" and that's a business they took over, which used to work quite decently until it was taken over by Vodafone and axed some really cool services

oh wait

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Love to see brand new GitHub accounts spam our repos with cryptominers in GitHub Actions. Real cool. Especially cool that they keep running after the PR is locked and closed and the is user reported and blocked from the org. Especially cool that it blocks all CI on all our repos.

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Software freedom contributors are human. We all make mistakes, often very publicly. It's tricky to write a public apology for those mistakes.

This blog post by @sagesharp will help you avoid common pitfalls and craft an effective apology: sfconservancy.org/blog/2021/ap

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does anyone want to take over the domain cuties.chat ? :boost_ok:

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when the fuck did people start using words like 'consumer', 'franchise', 'intellectual property', and 'content' to talk about shows and shit, i do hate it so very much

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belated fediverse monads/snouts meta, social media design and harassment, twitter link 

Shel, one of those involved in the affair, made a Twitter thread a little while ago about it that included a section at the end about the failure of eliminating post text searching as a tool to cut down on harassment: twitter.com/workingdog_/status

In essence, instead of preventing people from stalking drama to make a spectacle of it, it prevented people from figuring out what was happening and replaced being able to track down the original incidents with leaving people rely on hearsay and on subposting/vagueblogging.

Which matches our observation that, if we don't immediately save a post, that post is quickly buried and difficult to uncover later when it might be informative.

- 🦊 🐲

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Copyright means that it's right to copy something, it's in the word

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infosec conferences 

the blackhat challenge is try to unsubscribe from all the company mailing lists before the next blackhat

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I agree so much with this post by emily. I’m also so sick of tech.

as funny as it was, i couldn’t stop thinking “that’s the life i want”. to care so little about the endless expanse of the sea of software configuration, and operating system design principles. to not only not care about those things, but to not even know about them!


reading: Everything Easy is Hard Again 


Illegibility comes from complexity without clarity. I believe that the legibility of the source is one of the most important properties of the web.

this is why i don't minify the HTML or CSS of my websites, and instead run them thru tidy

i deeply believe in this essence of the web

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Does anybody know a platform for video calls which is stable with (say) up to 100 people in attendance ?

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linux hacker tip:
echo "0" > /sys/block/sd*/queue/rotational

you can use this to upgrade your HDD to an SSD

i'm noticing that i broke my og:image since switching my images to webp…

So the question is if i'm breaking the standard, or if mastodon doesn't know how to deal with those…

nope, it's not me, it's mastodon: github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/

orrather, ImageMagick… an old version of ImageMagick…

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and, yes, despite the date, this is "new", it's just been in the works for almost a year now…

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