challenge the axioms of your computing

🤔 filesystem as Directed Graph instead of Tree. no root directory?
🤔 people sharing a single display. several pointers & keyboards with different authorship?
🤔 coalesce the memory heirarchy: no fread or fwrite, only mmap(). internet as numa cluster?
🤔 snapshots + rollback as a primitive operation, applied to running programs. power failure tolerance?

what else seems fundamental but is merely conventional?

@astrid for the latter phantom os is the closest i’ve seen to pause and restart even on power loss computing, many of these are interesting ideas with roots in other systems that unfortunately didn’t take off. one of the reasons i became interested in computing history is to see these very ideas

@libc @astrid that reminds me, i have yet to read the original paper which Joe Armstrong based his fan fiction (PhD) on: Why Do Computers Stop and What Can Be Done About It?

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