picture this: a website

okay? are you with me?

that shows text

still there?

without loading five jirabytes of JavaScript from serverty neight different sources

how about that now??

@meena (thinking about that time i searched for a "host my static personal blog" thing and how complicated it all had become and WHHYYYYY)

@meena remember that small bit of time not that long ago where we really were about "html is easy! teach kids how to make a website!" and it STILL FUCKING IS but it's all goddamn buried under Some Weird Shit

@meena i used to wish for having a blog, now my kids are wishing for having a youtube channel and like, my 6 year old understands the basics of youtube monetization


@June my website is written in Markdown, and transformed to HTML and CSS with Serum and deployed with Puppet

i can update and re-deploy it on my phone with GitNex and JuiceSSH

@meena 🤤👩‍🔬👩‍💻📈👍🏻

@meena absolutely not ❌🚫🇳🇴🙅‍♀️

@meena seattle's syttende mai parade was cancelled this year and i'm sad about it

A JiraByte is the amount of data needed to load a normal Jira ticket? Nice

@zhenech don't go on via one of them search screens tho

@meena Full-time #ReactJS developer for past couple of years, still maintaining a blog with zero JS. :ablobcathappypaws:

@revathskumar some people won't understand even after living thru the horror for years

they think this is normal

they think every website needs to be a SPA, without even almost realising what they are doing half the time

@meena bootstrapping tools like create-react-app support everything without many customization options.

People who want to bootstrap quickly use these and build a static site using react and all kinds of JS libraries.

From a company perspective, all projects using similar tools so they can allocate resources easily for maintenance.

I have seen people using gatsbyjs for static blogs only to utilize image optimization capabilities.
They optimize image loading by adding 100s of KBs of JS.

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