@rysiek I feel like this doesn't make sense to capitalists because it doesn't fit in with this fake zero-sum view they have of people.

"You're saying that if we just... give people things they need, they will in turn be able to contribute more? And might even be more willing to do so? But... but that means they get something *and* I get something? And how does punishing them if they don't work hard enough fit into this? Aaargh! I'm confused!"


@monsterblue @rysiek this is a tradition from the times of the robber barons

they would rob ("tax") peasants of everything, except what was necessary for basic survival and production of the same harvest next year

if you leave them with more, they could get ideas

capitalists have understood that for a long time, if people have time, they have time for ideas.

we get paid per hour, and delude ourselves into thinking we could work less hours.
but capitalists don't just control the time we work, their contacts also control all the ideas we can think of in our free time

that's why all i can ever think of is that anarchy is good

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