"facebook is provably evil and has motives that are diametrically opposed to the underlying promise of the internet's potential to connect people, but their massive web tech is exactly what we need for our open source project" is a really wild ride every time I think about it.

@djsundog I don't understand how anyone can use Facebook React, Microsoft anything (github), Oracle Java (openjdk is OK), etc. and think they still "own" their software. It's dependent on actual criminal organizations spyware.

@mdhughes and even if it wasn't phoning home at every possible chance, it's completely optimized to their use cases and their development workflows and on and on and on. it's fit for purpose - theirs - and that's about as far as its scope should travel. we need to stop picking up hitchhikers in these shady areas near prisons like the Redmond campus and the former Sun campus. (Uncle Larry is everywhere, it is just too late.)


@djsundog @mdhughes some people say that Sun was customer focused (perhaps to their own detriment).

so I was happy to be a user (or guest) in Solaris, DTrace, ZFS, and, yes, the JVM

but where are Facebook's or Microsoft's or Google's or Oracle's loyalties?

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