i have three modes of modes of using a browser right now:

trying to read something, make it as slim as possible

this mode won't work when you try to fill out any form, because the website will either hide crucial information behind a "mobile collapse" or it will be invisible in the horizontal scroll space

trying to use a dashboard or console: i either need a bigger monitor, or GCP, AWS, Azure developers need to learn about design and information presentation

@arielcostas the gcloud cli is slightly less offensive than the GCP web console, so, yeah, that's probably a good idea anyway

@meena I've never used gcloud, but AWS's web interfaces are just bloated garbage trucks. And their CLI isn't great either, as you need to specify a lot of things on every command, and there's no interactive way of using it

@arielcostas aws is one of those things where you try to do it "manually" either in the web interface or the cli, and then decide its actually easier to do this with Puppet/Ansible/Salt, etc…

@meena I tried CloudFormation (AWS) and it was a pain to set up. Never tried Puppet/Ansible/Terraform though, as I set everything up on a VPS and that's it

@arielcostas my single instance VPSes with a few FreeBSD jails are managed with Puppet

puppet apply only, tho
which doesn't need a central server installed to begin with

@meena I just don't use containers or that stuff, my workloads consist on HTML/PHP served by NGINX and an email server I set up with Luke Smith's "emailwiz" shell script, so maybe Puppet is quire overkill

@arielcostas my "problem*" is that when i think about infrastructure, no matter what scale, i think about it in puppet

* the problem is solved/amplified by Puppet Inc hiring me.

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