So, while so many of the staff members are out this week, i'm taking the opportunity to train up interns and other junior devs with some semblance of "calmness" around the remote office.

So without any further context:

Whats the general consensus on Mono Repos 'round these parts?

We have a diverse git layout of repositories that are all inter-linked and the distributed nature of the config / app code / etc. is startling to these jr devs.

Is a monorepo a good fix?


@chuck i use two git mono repos with some regularity, freebsd src and ports

the FreeBSD src repo is a bit clunky
the ports repo is very, very clunky

but, there's no gooder way to do ports right now
because there's a lot of common code (the framework) and many ports depend on others, so you might not know how many you'd have to clone to build the port you actually want to build

and then there's updating:
often there's updating of many ports for the same reason
now imagine instead of doing that in fifteen directories, you're doing it in fifteen repositories.
even if you do everything right, and manage to commit and push all fifteen of them without forgetting anything, you've more generated fifteen commit emails instead of one which are going out to who knows how many thousand people

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