went to install python on ubuntu and was punked by my former self

@darius im working on a project for a client that was originally written in python (its a compiler that generates python) but python package management between linux and windows proved so &@^&* intractable it was just easier to learn rust and rewrite the whole thing. now we have a horrifyingly fast compiler. computers were a mistake but python is particularly awful.


@nasser @darius *looks at her piles and piles of ruby*


at least python has pipx

And if we're talking compilers, nothing seems to beat PyPy

@meena @darius in rust i can build a self-contained windows executable on my linux machine and send it to my client, who can run it with no questions asked, no installing anything external, no juggling environments...

@darius @nasser @meena I’ve had the exact same experience with python, back when it happened I decided to rewrite in go. These days I’d definitely use rust tho (:

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