I can't possibly be the only person who finds mandatory annual "Insider trading is bad, m'kay?" trainings just a bit fucking insulting, right?

Like, maybe the first one is justified as part of onboarding, sure. Just to make sure the rules are known and clear.

Every year? Are engineers so stupid that we forget after 11 months and need a refresher? Is that who companies believe are writing their mission critical software?

Not aimed at any one company 'cause they all do it. But who thinks this is useful?


@saramg i just got a reminder for a cybersecurity refresher

And it's soooooo mind numbing

i feel like i should be exempt.
i've worked in InfoSec, and i don't read emails!

@meena I make it a point to send such invitations to corpsec as "probably fishing attempt" so that I waste someone's time in verifying that it's real.

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