Holy heck, the mbedl-tls documentation and examples are horrific. At this rate, I might end up compiling OpenSSL 3.0 from source and working with that instead.

...and I did just that, and got a bare-bones openssl-backed version of my library up in a couple of hours. Would likely need 8-10 more to finish it, but that'll have to wait, I ran out of time I could allocate to this.

Should've just started with OpenSSL in the first place. In hindsight, it was a pleasant surprise.


@algernon that's not a thing I've heard often said about OpenSSL

@meena I'm not saying its docs are _good_. They're merely better than mbedTLS' docs - not a high bar by any means.

With that said, I expected OpenSSL to be much worse to work with, but it wasn't _so_ bad. Just a little pain. O:)

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