i want people to stop using the word "content" to mean literally every kind of work or any kind of creative endeavour that was persisted in any kind of medium

And, btw, i realize that we used to have a different word for the same concept: whether it was a song, a newspaper article, a theater play, it was "a piece"

so why does "content" feel so much worse?

@meena i dislike ‘content’ because it is the terminology of the service provider and the marketer: here is my website/platform/app/whatever, and it has precisely named parts that pertain to its function, but what it acts upon is just ‘content’. it’s an indiscerning term as to the role it fills, the uses it has, and the place it has in its respective context.

a monet landscape and some racist dipshit’s cartoon: both content. a declaration of independence, a status change from ‘married’ to ‘single’, targeted abuse, a poem: all content.

content is reduced to whatever its purpose is for the service that shovels it. engagement, likes, click-throughs, seconds watched…

for artists, makers, craftspeople, humans, to call their art, builds, work, diary entries, conversation, vacation memories ‘content’ is to grovel at the feet of the content-shoveler who is nothing without the people creating meaningful things.

for afficionados, fans, ‘the interested’ to call the objects of their interest ‘content’ expresses a casual disrespect for those who made the things you are interested in, in favour of those shoveling it your way.

to me, ‘content’ strips away every aspect that makes things meaningful, and elevates its role as an utterly exchangeable piece of cargo in the machinations of some (usually) for-profit mill.

and we somehow let us be tricked into regarding this term as a smart or sophisticated one.


@gekitsu there are precisely named parts of an application, except for "content" and "user".

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