who's idea was it to name new netstat / sockstat tool in ss?

yes, it's as short as ip, but also, in lots of Europe, there was an organization a few decades ago by the name of SS that turned out to be fairly unpopular…

@meena could be worse, could have been a vc funded startup drunk on funding paying over a million dollars to a branding firm only to get what really looked liked two lighting bolts side by side ;)...

@meena Living in Austria, and having learned quite a lot about the NS regime, as well as about the horrible things their SS did, I didn't assiciate the Linux command with it so far... probably because it's all lowercase letters 🧐


me neither lol, but I dont know if we should apply logic like this..

Can't we use the "is" operator in python? We can pull this discussion into absurdum.

However, the "ss" tool sucks compared to netstat...
I just install "net-tools" on every server I use to I can use my beloved netstat


@cks @meena This silly fixation is still around for sure. I once saw a video about Chevrolet SS, where some idiot commented "SS means DEATH!" The only answer is "lol silly eutoweenie, kiss my ass".

@union @cks look, i dunno what to tell you

points at every single country in Europe that's currently doing a hard-right turn

but the nazis are much, much closer than i want them to be.

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