@meena I am pretty happy with nix and the emacs-overlay; but it took me about a month of work to get a config written that works for me, so kinda sunk cost?

@antifuchs nix config or emacs config?

(cuz i'm using spacemacs for my emacs config)

@meena emacs configuration in nix, but I use vanilla with my own config. I think you can use it for spacemacs too (doom would need a separate config due to the different packaging system used)


@antifuchs do you use a single-user or a multi-user nix install?

@meena @antifuchs multi-user is recommended and maybe most used. It will setup a system-wide nix daemon, and users can then queue their builds to be run through the daemon.

Although if you're just trying to get an upgraded Emacs, and nix/guix is not requirement, and are already using docker or some other self contained image technology, then try going that way instead.

@abbe @antifuchs i've tried the flatpack, but that's not very useful as an… IDE, because it can't access all (any) of my dev tools on my machine

@meena @antifuchs then I guess some other package manager in different prefix or nix/guix. I have never used Linuxbrew or pkgsrc on GNU/Linux, can try those.

@meena I use nix only on machines that I control, but I run the multi-user daemon setup.

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