old woman yelling at cloud 

I've long held the believe that the cloud is a scam. it's really alluring to outsource (fire) all your core engineering skill and have it sold back to you for ten times the price.

but now with all your engineering knowledge gone, you have no one to look at all your data, and go: mhm 🤔

therefore i posit that machine learning is a scam to sell even more cloud.


old woman yelling some more at the cloud 

you should probably ignore me, because I'm just the equivalent of aging COBOL programmer ranting at the kids and their super micros, and how they have no appreciation for the mainframe, but just you wait! the mainframe will have its comeback!

well it did, baby! in the form of Kubernetes.
COBOL didn't make the transition, but just like on the mainframe, you have full control over every aspect of the scheduling with Kubernetes. not that the hardware supports any of those features, slight drawback there. and when I say you, i mean you. Because of the three or so new IBMs, only one is actually willing to sell you its very expensive mainframe consultants, I mean Kubernetes engineers.

old woman yelling some more at the cloud 

@meena When you yell at clouds you're just yelling at other people's computers

And actually I think that's OK

old woman yelling some more at the cloud 

@seachaint well, i spend most of my work day yelling at my computer

i have to fill up my free time somehow!

old woman yelling some more at the cloud 

@meena @seachaint My friend was recently wearing a shirt from some cloud CI company that said:


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