tech companies be like "here are tools to monitor your child's private conversations, social media posts, bank accounts, diaries, browsing history, class attendance, GPS location, and deepest inner thoughts" with parents going "why child not trust me???? ?????"

@AmyZenunim As a parent, some of that is necessary to make sure they're safe in this tech world. Are you parent?

I'm not saying all that you said is needed. But I need to see what he's saying online and to his friends. If he wants this tech that's what he needs to do.,

@seth @AmyZenunim

Jesus, I'm glad my parents didn't monitor my phone calls or private conversations. Nor my online activity in those BBS days.

I don't understand why my peers have so much less respect for their kids than our parents had for us.


@celesteh @seth @AmyZenunim why would anyone think constant monitoring or surveillance is better than teaching kids how to navigate this shithole of an Internet and help build better and safer internets?

this is literally the same thing as people taxiing their kids everywhere in their car, because they live in a suburban hell that's too dangerous to walk in

@meena @celesteh @seth @AmyZenunim I have absolutely no hope the Web will get better, but the rule in my house is "if anything wants you to make an account, come talk to parents first" and we go over the terms of service and discuss what the non-monetary cost of signing up is, including all the horrific shit that companies want to do with the data involved.

I don't monitor their comms, but so far they've felt comfortable coming to me to have these discussions, so I count it as "working."

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