If you're running , , or any other in a environment (VM or hardware), I'd love to see pastes from your ifconfig -a and netstat -r (with --libxo=json on FreeBSD) — especially if they're unusual, or "messy"

I'm trying to write a definite ifconfig parser for

@meena Sorry! I updated the snippet with it attached as well

@meena got mail, unsure if they are too unusual, but they have IPv6-related things so... maybe?

@crc i was just talking to someone the other day, how there's such a conceptional rift in FreeBSD's netif between DHCP configuration, done via ifconfig_foo0="DHCP" but handled by the service dhclient, while with IPv6' SLAAC, it's configured via ifconfig_foo0="inet6 accept_rtadv", and handled by the service netif itself.

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