oh? you used our website?
with a browser? that has an AdBlocker and also blocks all our tracking cookies?

here's an email, just for you!

(yeah, I'm not loading those pictures, in this email, for the same reason I'm not going to download their app)

found the answer to my Tusky question 

dunno how that happened.

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every day i discover that macOS is a toy os 

and i hate it

How to implement a calendar 

not like this

Deutsche Bahn 

der kicker ist aber:
Während ich mich darauf einstelle, dass der Zug von dem ich seit Tagen glaube, dass er aus unerfindlichen Gründen zu früh ist, jetzt zu spät ist, kommt eine Notification, dass er pünktlich ist, und das pünktlich 08:06 ist.

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Deutsche Bahn 

Wie kann denn die Deutsche Bahn bitte so schlecht darin sein Information aufzubereiten?

Wegen diesem Email, bin ich eine halbe Stunde früher aufgestanden. (Vergleiche dazu die Ansicht in der App)


it's time for this on to get their blood taken, while doing some work


gonna need a new pair of USB-C earrings
any recommendation where to get them?
or how to best make them to be bike helmet and toddler resistant?

here's what my old one looked, that wasn't these things

work selfie 

my hair looks to good to be in meetings all day

Yes, log4j is currently very instructive when it comes to format string parsing and interpretation.

But I'd posit that NULL dereference or off-by-one errors in C are structural issues in every C and C++ programme that we are trained not to see

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why do you even offer your services outside the US?

the 🤨 emoji on OS X looks… way too mean!

compare that to

How do i tell this reCaptcha that it's wrong? 

because it is

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