@dumpsterqueer usually, i'd be offering myself up for this, because i hate being a DBA and i love SQLite, it's never failed me!

however, i hate writing go even more, and even if i didn't, i just started a new job, and I won't have childcare until the end of September, so time is not on my side

@dumpsterqueer oh, yeah

if you want ACL, you'd use another file (database), that gives you at least separation of concerns

if you have multiple processes, you can run those as different OS users, and then you can control access via Filesystem ACLs

@dumpsterqueer do you use PostgreSQL's native password encryption thing? rather than a go library?
maybe one that even makes it easy to roll a new cypher, if the current best suddenly goes out of fashion?, on account of being cracked

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masto meta 

@christa i always harp on software needing to scale down, i usually mean this in a computer architecture sense, but it equally applies to that same software in service of (smol) communities

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masto meta 

one thing I hate about twitter is having zero control of your posts’ reach. it strips agency, flattens context, contributes to uncontrollable harassment in the service of “connection”. imo mastodon’s insistence on following the same value of maximization, removing any ability to foster small local community, is equally harmful. if decentralization is about control then why strip that at the individual and community level? it’s no better than twitter. glad to be on the hometown fork

masto meta 

@christa i always harp on software needing to scale down, i usually mean this in a computer architecture sense, but it equally applies to that same software in service of (smol) communities

@baldur in my time as DevOps consultant I've regularly been in companies (insurances, and banks, mostly) with fleets of hundreds of admins, each responsible for one or two services, doing the same kind of work that I'm other companies was done by six people

so a lot of the willingness to automate, depends highly on the company culture

anyway, i personally don't think everybody needs to have a (bullshit) job

there's enough work that needs to be done, that will actually make us better and safer on this planet, rather than shortening our run

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what country makes forming a co-op easiest, and is there a co-op in that country that provides a service to loan a new potential co-op a board member for the purposes of forming a new co-op there? asking for potential co-op friends.

@tindall I've been wondering since i first read it, if this is a subpost on someone i know, but i haven't kept up on birldand-only people in about a year, so i guess I'll never know

@baldur yeah, but this isn't due to ATMs, this is most likely due to Internet banking

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So the current idea for funding gotosocial, which I've been discussing with some friends, is to officially constitute SuperSeriousBusiness as a non-profit developer cooperative, registered in Belgium. Then SSB will generate cash money by selling hosted Parakeet services (github.com/superseriousbusiness/parakeet). Then, work done on GtS or Parakeet by members of the coop, or by external contributors, can be billed to the coop.

@ak @onepict @vfrmedia yeah, i recently sat in a course as observer, and i was one of the few people asking questions!

@tindall anyway, sorry for butting in with my half-knowledgeable.

i'm a total SQLite fangirl, cuz it means i can run a few things, reachable online! without having to be a DBA, or giving money to aws/GCP/Azure for somebody (or something there) to be my DBA.

n.b.: that does not mean I'm a fan of everything the SQLite lead developer does or says

@tindall usually, you'd do it, via, sqlite.org/appfunc.html from the "devouring application"

a phrase i just picked up from this, educba.com/sqlite-stored-proce
and now i really need to know which language this was translated from

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@charlag @jalcine or for people who looked one too many times at the stop for pixelfed, and just can't get over actually attempting to install that thing

@tindall i mean what PostgreSQL extensions do you need for… X, that SQLite doesn't support yet?

meta again 

@charlag @jalcine there's the glitch and hometown forks, but there's also gotosocial

and i think we should keep an eye on… all of these

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