@owl what's really funny about this is the consequences it ripples out into the world:

linux is the defacto system where open source software is developed for and tested for, it's the defacto system where (web, server) applications are deployed to.

and it's the only system that treats memory as infinite resource.

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If you want to try that thing that only happens on weird systems you don't care about, you can do this on a regular linux:

▶ cat

fn main() {
let _ = Box::<[u8;2<<64]>::new_uninit();

▶ cargo run


▶ echo 2 | sudo tee /proc/sys/vm/overcommit_memory

▶ cargo run

@shiftyskip i dunno, i'm too tired (of megacorps) so i closed the Tab without reading it

it's here, in case you do have the energy.

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"What do you want to do for a living" as a question pales in comparison to "*why* do you want to do for a living"

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i have a tab open with the title:

Can we trust Microsoft with Open Source?

and, all i can think of is: (no)

@somarasu i setup Github with Yubikeys for 2FA, but a) that's quite a steep investment, too, and b) i don't remember if that doesn't still require a phone number.

software subtooting 

@spacekookie @ghost_bird I've been on projects where the engineers had free reign, and so their technical debt was self-induced.

but i highly agree with kookie here ⬆️
adding features without making room for them is the core recipe for technical debt.

a possible source for this might be that when people get hired for their skills in coding new features, not for their skill in actually integrating them

(most of my rambling based on this blog series: )

re: A thing that I didn't write but it would be cool 

@kuba @bgcarlisle no, there is not.

Digitization in Germany is so far mostly non-existent.

I frequently email some questions to institutions, and they snail-mail me back a reply.

A thing that I didn't write but it would be cool 

@bgcarlisle @kuba it'd have to be able to send faxes.

wait, no, that joke is now outdated.

it'd have to be able to send snailmail.

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A thing that I didn't write but it would be cool 

Introducing: GDPR'd!!

A Firefox extension that automates the reporting of GDPR violations

Right-click > GDPR'd!! > "Report: Has no deny-all button"

@dredmorbius @rysiek that's so much better than just asking to be put on their do not contact list!

@baldur there's a reason why Firefox DarkReader is still a plugin, and not core functionality.

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Yes! YES!!

Plasma 5.23 has brought back visible scrollbars!

They are thick! They have contrast! The background color is different from the foreground! They have contours! I can visibly see them!

Visible scrollbars are BACK!


@ln good thing I'm too poor for a middle name.

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Slept in for work, but I was having a dream where I was building a raised bed and had a dog called Karl Barx so I think that’s more important

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