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Announcing a new Fediverse Enhancement Proposal for your review:

"FEP-e232 is a proposal for representing text-based links to ActivityPub objects using tags"

Learn more and discuss at
codeberg.org/fediverse/fep/iss and socialhub.activitypub.rocks/t/.

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Hey friends, we've started a PeerTube channel on the lovely @tilvids instance. We will be sharing some security tips and tricks, best practices and how to use Bitwarden.


Please do let us know what you think as we go along, including what you might like to see or what we could to better. :ablobcathappypaws:

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Have there been any major corporate software leaks that materially impacted the relevant niche?

Twitter Thread in which Hillel Wayne tries to find what best practices Software Developers have adopted 

@dch 2.5 best practices that we, as an industry, have adopted in the last 40+ years

you know, since we were professionalised, by Bill Gates himself: en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Open_L

Twitter Thread in which Hillel Wayne tries to find what best practices Software Developers have adopted 

and he finds… two… and a half… and otherwise not much consensus:

@f0x , and and that garg has a super good reason for it which i disagree with

@f0x my biggest gripe with Mastodon is that they don't use the native HTML <summary> / <details> tags for Show More, and instead rely on JavaScript

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How do screenreaders handle sensitive media on Mastodon? Mostly interested in the web thread view but clients are good datapoints too.

It seems Mastodon will actually remove the img element from the html completely until you click to show it

Does that differ from how you wish they were handled?

#GoToSocialDev #Accessibility #a11y (i know it's a bad tag)

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watching: Stay on Board: The Leo Baker Story 

and i swear to fuck
Tony Hawk looks like fuckin Linus Torvalds.

@ariadne I've only read small portions of busybox, and they never made me cry, so I'm saying OpenSSL.

@cwebber i'm honestly surprised that GNU Common Lisp isn't more… common.

@cadxdr @owl I really hope the only people needing it are people desperate to get hired by Google

@atilde @amberage yt-dlp is the successor. but i suppose same caveats apply

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@emacsomancer @algernon @technomancy @mala Turns out part of the solution for having a cool idea space not just be taken over by toxic people is to start forming other communities that are also taking up those ideas but are not filled with toxic people (and make an effort effort to not promote toxicity)

@sydneyfalk @cwebber @pho4cexa @technomancy @algernon points at the Solaris bootloader which is still written in Forth

FreeBSD is trying hard to replace theirs (they share a history) in Lua

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People who work on code and (mixed) media projects and consider yourself well-organized: how do you structure your hard drives?

Working machines, backup, cloud storage, I'm curious about what you have found successful (or unsuccessful!).


@cwebber @ArneBab @mdhughes @emacsomancer i wonder how much of this has to do with JVM making Tail Call Elimination challenging

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