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"It remains a work in progress."
Everything we do is a work in progress, until the day it's deleted from the tree.

@codeberg ich hab einen Laptop auf dem null sticker sind…

wenn ich bei euch Mitglied im eV werde, schickt ihr mir ein sticker? :blob_3c:

@dch what does couchdb use to execute JavaScript?

@solene that's a lot of words i don't know anything about

salty about masto 

@scanlime looks at all her FreeBSD installations

am i… conformist??


@scanlime today my daughter and i were watching a bumble bee

then a honey bee came by and she had a complete freak out!

"bee loud!"

in my head, bumble bees are the friendly ones

@raketenlurch leider? ist)
die beste die ich kenne Microsoft Lens


Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a language that is not the language of any one European country

points at Ireland which is a EU country and has English as one of its official languages

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There is currently a petition for Universal Base Income in Europe, on the website of the European Commission. It would be nice if you could sign it (assuming you're European), and share it.

Covid, gerpol 

the fact that health insurance in Germany has increased thanks to corona, makes it pretty clear that this is not a social country

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what is your cable management philosophy?

@dch what, yes i did
i didn't even think to check

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@nikita something something Bürgerversicherung something

i think Germany could be a lot more functional as a society if it didn't try to be USA lite

fedi - 

@scanlime i have not been able to get hype for space since billionaires got into it

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