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Es nervt, diese ganzen Mails:

"Wir nehme deine Privacy sehr ernst und haben unsre Datenschutzbestimmungen aktualisiert, hier unsre neuen 9 Monitorseiten für deine heutige Klolektüre, viel Spaß beim Vergleichen, was sich geändert hat...hey, just kidding, natürlich machen wir darüber nur ganz vage Bemerkungen"

Ich möchte einen maschinenlesbaren Standard für Datenschutzerklärungen.

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I feel like an interesting companion to this "Copyright is an Artifact of British Capitalism & Colonialism" post might be for folks to read a little bit about the history of copyright in the USSR--in particular the transition from Tsarist copyright laws in the early 1900s, and the accession to the UCC in 1973.

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free trade agreements

or as i like to call them

"free" "trade" "agreements"

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yesterday i learned a lesson i already knew about proprietary software

i plugged in my old iPad and asked it to download some episodes of Behind the Attraction to watch on the plane

then i put it in my bag and eventually boarded. once we got to 10,000 feet, i pulled out my iPad and was greeted with, "Please go to the App Store to update Disney+"

except, of course, i was in the air on a regional jet with no wireless, and i didn't need that update anyway because i just wanted to watch downloaded episodes!

anyway piracy is in every way better and more ethical than using subscription streaming services

is tech degrading or am i? 

one of the most frustrating experiences of using a mobile phone over 3+ years is how at the start, the camera was absolutely mindblowingly good, even with my shaky hands, and now, every other picture i take looks like i'm taking it with a potato.

does there exist a (free? open?) camera software that can prove my suspicion that this is software based planned (forced) obsolescence right or wrong?

there's nothing more depressing than opening a pleroma post for more context that your instance doesn't show

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Inspired by LJ's post, irregular reminder that copyrights and patents are the product of British Empire, whose dayjob for centuries was to rob the world of its things.

These concepts/laws are based on the concepts of ownership and exploitation for profit.

Culture and knowledge are how we communicate and express ourselves. We can reward people who expand these without the use of these imperial, colonial models where components of the commons are owned by individuals.

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@feonixrift Yeah. That's another thing, academic English uses language and vocabulary that basically isn't used ever elsewhere (correct me if I'm wrong.)
Like, what is a tensor? I've never heard that word outside of math/tech contexts, and explanations invoke other words I've never heard.
In Icelandic a tensor is called þinur, which is a common word that also means fir [tree], and it generally does not have this separate elite academic language.

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I wasn't joking, you know. This was a perfectly serious post. The dependency of modern programming on reading standard alphabetic western english is unnecessary.

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@vortex_egg What good is purported access, to what you cannot see... cannot name... cannot even receive the information to realize exists.

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There is a paradoxical counter-motion to the "virtual turn" in information: the more virtualized information has become (which should make it easier to move about, access, replicate), the less materially accessible it has become.

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FB mention 

> Facebook’s algorithmic amplification of inflammatory content, combined with its failure to prioritize content moderation outside the US and Europe, has fueled the spread of hate speech and misinformation, dangerously destabilizing countries around the world.
> But there’s a crucial piece missing from the story. Facebook isn’t just amplifying misinformation.
> The company is also funding it.

Kill Facebook

Abolish targeted advertising

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When I'm learning about a new topic, there's a technique that's really effective for me: keeping a list of questions I'm curious about!

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"Understanding why our build got 15x slower with Webpack 5" by Eoin Hennessy

Pretty nice to see a perf post that actually goes the extra mile to open a PR on the library in question, plus build V8 from source (!) to identify the root cause of the regression.

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C makes much more sense when you remember that it was written for use on computers without monitors. Programmers held their work in their head and typed it in blind, in ed(1). If they had to view their code, they fired up the line printer and the whole office knew their brain had failed.

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this is amazing! innovation happens in spite of capitalism, not because of it, never forget that

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I was wondering how bad the upside down "queer" (ɹǝǝnb) in my bio is pronounced by screen readers. To my astonishment the speak-feature of iOS pronounced it "enby". I was really confused till I realized that it's three unpronounceable characters and then the letters N and B.

Coming back to the original question: The speak-feature just leaves out the unpronounceable parts while the screen reader says "turned r, turned e, turned e, n, b". Not as bad as expected...

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Hey liebe Mastodon Admins, was hat es denn im Federation Interface mit "Stop Delivery" auf sich, finde da so spontan keine Doku zu.

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