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- can you explain this 2 years gap in your resume?
- i was setting a custom font with LateX on the said resume

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Want to follow Comrade (my 3D printer) doing her first 15 hour print overnight?
Do message me if it goes to shit :blobcat_smilesweat:

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i just realized:

we'll get more sun
and then on 27th of March, the government will take it away again.

fuck this.

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i think for a decentralized application to truly work, millions of computers need to process and permanently store the interactions of the application's 10 users

reading: The Future Is Not Only Useless, It’s Expensive 

this is the most depressing article i have (procrastinated on) read(ing) in a quite a while:

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It's probably naive, but I genuinely wonder where we'd be today re: people "self-hosting" servers if IPv6 had already seen wider adoption, more upload bandwidth were generally available, and "decentralization" had focused more on "sync eventually" instead of, like, XMPP-style.

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@sushee @meena

This is Sazrina the Perl Genie.

I commissioned them early in my programming career when people would appear at my desk asking for things which would require a team of developers and a spec, but they thought would just take a few minutes.

"Unless you have a budget for that, please ask her to grant a wish."

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switching to a 4-day workweek
winding down to a 4-hour day
settling in to a 4-minute hour

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the transfeminine urge to assert transfemininity as a prerequisite for your hobbies and proclivities so you don't have to think about how, for every you, there's a hundred cis boys doing the exact same stuff you do, but with less interesting socks

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On the current OSS controversy.

1. Stop assuming infrastructure code is produced by library elves for free and pay people to build and maintain it.

2. Hold jerks accountable for their behavior


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Kazakhstan pol, crypto 

I can't believe cryptocurrency mining contributed to the crisis in Kazakhstan, what the hell

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i'm not like the other girls, but i do have an identical hash value, which may result in surprising worst case behavior

My hand trembled a bit, but this great piece of work is now merged! Thanks for all the hard work.

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the NPM thing today is an interesting example of just about every actor being wrong at once

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Anybody have recommendations for ebook vendors that are DRM-free and include new American releases and popular bestsellers?

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A good password manager. 

Jokes aside, I’ve been using Bitwarden for years now and I’ve found it meets all my password management needs really well.

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reading: The Case Against Crypto 

For cryptocurrency to have any real utility, the volatility needs to cool off. If that were to happen, there would be little reason for the public to speculate on cryptocurrency prices, given that there would no longer be the potential for massive returns. The smart money exits, the liquidity disappears and the bubble collapses.

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