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New profile, it's time for again !

Hi all, my name's Morgan ! I'm a twenty-something transgender dude from France, trying to adult as best as I can in this world :blobcat_thinkingcool:

My pronouns are he/him and they/them (you can use both !)

My current ambitions are to finally get my legal gender change, switch from my retail career to a dev/IT one, and eventually start my own adventure as a crafter of sound devices ! (Eurorack modules, synthesizers, pedal effects, tube amps, you name it !)

Day to day, I struggle with ADHD and chronic depression, so I love to give pointers and help folks who need it.

You're welcome to follow and have a chat if we have common interest or just to say hi :blobcat_fistbumpR:

See you in the federated seas !


transphobia, supposedly okay 

the latest (terrible) comparison I heard to explain why you don't want to date a tranagender guy : if you like sausages you don't want a vegan one instead

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Remember kids, tolerating intolerance is not tolerance.

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It's funny how liberating making something for yourself only can be. And it's equally painful to realize that pretty much everything you create tends to be done in comparison with similar works, even subconsciously, and marketed towards whomever you're imagining will enjoy it, even if it's free.

It's not just about being accepted or praised by your peers. Capitalism fucks up everything, including the sincere relationship you're supposed to be having with your own creativity.

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stop scrolling and look at these 8 lesbians playing smash bros

Hello friends !

I have a motherboard and RAM to sell, new, not used, unblistered though.

It's an Asus Prime X370-A with 2 sticks of 8GB-DDR4 3000MHz.

Can be used with AMD Ryzen of 1st and 2nd generation.

I'm ready to send them in Europe for a fraction of their price if someone here is interested ;)

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The driest praise of javascript i've ever read in my life 

'Most of the people writing in JavaScript are not programmers. They lack the training and discipline to write good programs. JavaScript has so much expressive power that they are able to do useful things in it, anyway. This has given JavaScript a reputation of being strictly for the amateurs, that it is not suitable for professional programming. This is simply not the case.'

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Common Rust Lifetime Misconceptions — very helpful resource that helps avoid fighting the borrow checker:

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the best way to become friends with cool famous creative people you admire is to help all your cool creative admirable friends become famous

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if a capitalism apologist ever tries to express an opinion to you, simply remind them that they should never do anything they're good at for free, so you have to assume that if they're giving their opinion out for free, it must not be a good opinion

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anxiety, failing, ph 

I went to the rugby practice and stayed a grand total of 20 minutes.

The rain didn't bother me, but both my legs feeling very painfullt on the verge of breaking did.

I feel like a failure for not even going through two practices before my body gives up. I've talked to doctors and osteopaths about this leg pain and they all basically brushed it off.

I don't know where it comes from, it might just be psychosomatic for all I know. But somehow walking fast or running makes it happen all the time. This has been going on for years now.

I've been looking forward doing sports and being part of a team since the start of the pandemic. I feel pretty stuck, and sad, and disappointed in myself.

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I'm looking for psychological research on like trans, genderqueer, non-binary etc. people (anything to do with queer gender identities) and memory. It's very broad.
We want to add this to a broader, course on psychology with a particular focus on identity, meaning making, narratives about self, and personality.
We're going trough all the scientific search engines ourselves, but if you have something in mind we'd greatly appreciate it.

Much love!

Is there a "no AI should ever use parts or totality of this project" license yet ?

I truly love PC assembling. Crafty crafty :crt_prompt: :crt_prompt:

on the "just joking" subject and alienating people, ableism 

"I'm just joking and he doesn't mind". Which said guy confirmed, he didn't mind.

Following argument : "if we joke between ourselves and people out of the discussion have their feelings hurt, its not our fault. We're not gonna ban every joke because people have feelings, else we won't even be able to talk of serious things. "

I fail to see the logic there, but that definitely sounds terrible to me. But hey, protesting this point of view got me compared to a mentally disabled person, so I guess were okay now :D

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It is day 4 and I already have to deal with class server chat drama.

How do you explain to a 17yo know it all dude that using sexist and homophobic references on the pretext of joking is not okay ?

uni, negative & positive 

Things I missed from going to school :

  • learning things
  • teachers that are passionate about their subject
  • resources allowed to students

Things I absolutely did not miss :

  • toxic jokes
  • disrespectful students
  • obscene drawings on whiteboards
  • well off kids pretending they're 'literally' the poorest cause Mum and Dad wouldn't get them a new phone cause they broke the screen of their one
  • bonus but a classic : getting misgendered

These two years are gonna be long. Thank the gods I really want this education.

rant, capitalism, production, self-employment 

Are there really ways today to make a living creating electronics without giving it to tools and models imposed by capitalism ?

My dream is to conceive and sell sound tools such as eurorack modules, synthesizers, guitar effects and others... But I hardly see how I could make a comfortable living for my fiancée, myself and our family (comprised now solely of 2 cats, but hopefully also some kids in he near-ish future), without resorting to common marketing and mid-size production practices.

Branding, social media, newsletter and promotions, use of contractor and suppliers for parts and/or assembly...

The concept of calculating the cost of a product I would conceive and build really mess up my anticapitalist side, but how else should I afford to live ?

I'd love to discuss this with y'all !

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