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Et en français parce que je suis de plus en plus la fédisphère françoise ! Poti post !

Je m'appelle Morgan, je suis un mec transmasc d'une vingtaine d'années, et je vis en région parisienne. Je suis un ancien ingé son qui fait actuellement une reconversion précoce pour devenir un développeur en électronique embarquée.

Mes hobbies incluent (mais ne se limitent pas à) la création musicale, la synthèse modulaire, tout ce qui touche au DIY, hacker des appareils éléctroniques, les JV plutôt orientés management, développer tout un tas de trucs inutiles sous Rust, et un peu de lecture scifi et fantasy une fois tous les 36 du mois !

Je souffre d'une dépression et d'un TDA (voire possiblement d'un syndrôme Asperger non diagnostiqué), et j'apprécie pouvoir discuter de méthodes pour parer aux écueils quotidiens provoqués par ces handicaps.

Je me considère également comme un anarchiste, qui vit comme il le peut dans un monde peu éthique, mais qui se bat avec ses petits moyens !

A bientôt sur Fedi !

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Loads of new people around here ! I guess this calls for a new & updated post.

I'm Morgan, a transmasc twenty-something guy. I live in France not far from Paris (for now). I am an ex-audio engineer and I'm currently undergoing early retraining to become an embedded electronics developer.

My hobbies include (but are not limited to) music producing, modular synthesis, everything DIY, hacking electronics, management and building video games, developing in rust all sort of stuff that's been done before, fantasy and scifi reading if struck by lightning !

I suffer from depression and ADHD (also maybe undiagnosed Asperger) and love to talk about methods and ways to cope with the struggles that come with those.

I am also an anarchist at heart, living as I can in an unethical world, but fighting for freedom as I can with my small resources.

See you on the federated seas !

Ok, but do I have to get a specific emulator to access BBS ? Can't I just telnet with Alacritty and get a beautiful result ?

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Curiosity poll regarding social media approach.

Please boost because we're really curious about the experience-approach for as many users as possible.

We have excluded two options here and will explain why:

Twitter exclusively: probably not gonna see this poll if you don't use Fediverse at all

Spiderman: We assume everyone would add Spiderman to their options because of how polls work.

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Hey pals, anyone want to join a Matrix Space I've made to share admin help with upgrading, blocks etc?

When will my morb morb back from morbing ?

Enjoying not being able to fall asleep on the might bus (no)

At least I get to witness @f0x shenanigans :blobcat_aww:

Les vraies questions : Tim Hortons en Europe, quand ?

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Every ttrpg player ever when a mini accidently falls down : well I guess this one is dead now, goodbye.

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honestly feel sick right now, just learnt about the websites scihub, libgen, and b-ok which I heard can be used to access information free of charge! please make sure to stay away from these sites and make sure to tell your friends so they can stay away too :02_peek:
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please boost this to nuke my instance, i'm trying to test something

About to finally get a new phone after 6 years of good and loyal services from my current one.

I've decided to take the step and use a ungooglized ROM, and I have yo pick between Lineage/MicroG or /e.

Foes nyone have recommendations ? Or resources to make the change go smoothly ?

I'm mainly worried about my access to bank apps, 2FA from proprietary apps, this kind of stuff...

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@Amber @luci @alexandra No need for the appid, just launch as: steam -no-browser steam://open/minigameslist

Which can be toggled via one of the dropdown menu items as well.

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Wizard: Why is the barbarian carrying a frying pan?
Bard: He thinks it's his spell casting focus.
Wizard: He can cast spells?! Since when?
Bard: He can cast only the one. He hits people with it and yells CAST IRON!

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SIESTE dans tovt le Royaume. Les réfractaires seront pendu•es pas les pieds.
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Rapport du GIEC : La crise climatique creuse les inégalités de genre

Depuis une trentaine d’années les scientifiques analysent nos capacités d’adaptation à la crise climatique et à ses conséquences. Leur constat est clair : les catastrophes renforcent toutes les inégalités et en particulier les inégalités de genre. Justice sociale et justice climatique sont étroitement liées :

#Antipatriarcat #AlternativeLibertaire #Journal #Presse #Média #AL

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currently fanboying hard over Samira Wiley don't mind me

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transphobie, mention suicide 

Peut-être qu’on appelle ça deadname parce que ça nous tue.

so you tell me this fast has been broken ???


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