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Note: you don't have to have ADHD to have RSD.

Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria (ADHD) by Purple Ella

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Do not ever subtoot me, not only is it rude but also I won't know if you are talking to me/about me so it won't be effective.

If you want to say something come to me directly, thanks.

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Unless otherwise stated if a post of mine is boostable then it is okay to boost, otherwise I will clearly state not to :)

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Games, A hypothetical conversation with media, companies, drm, launchers 

Now as for games, DRM especially the most invasive ones are just a big NO, however, the subtle DRM like steam is also incredibly annoying especially if like the DRM free version of a game requires a platform like steam or GOG Galaxy in order to play with others over the internet.

Don't even get me started on games that require a launcher open to still use its online features (ones without playing online I mean), like that functionality should be built into the game not some launcher than takes even more resources thus making the game run worse.

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Video, A hypothetical conversation with media, companies, piracy, money, privelege 

Don't even get me started on video, that is even further behind than both music and games, at least those have some drm free options, there seems to be nothing for television shows or movies.

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Music, A hypothetical conversation with media, companies, piracy, money, privelege 

Like I'd be more than happy to pay for it if I could get it the way I want but it seems more and more things have moved to either streaming, locked in platforms using drm or just one imo shitty file format (mp3) with not even a choice to get a CD.

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A hypothetical conversation with media, companies, piracy 

Me: Please let me just buy the files and play/watch/listen/read whereever and however I want

Companies: Haha, no.

Me: sighs and loads up various tools to get the files how I want.

UK Trans help with covering letter needed 

Hi, for many reasons I have never written a covering letter before, however, for some things I need to stating I want to update my name, so I was wondering if anybody could explain to me how to write one please?

Thank you.

re: Grumbling over language and internet culture 

The overfamiliarity of it all just shocks and scares me every time.

However, there's even worse things I've found, like on twitch for example I have been called directly or indirectly guy(s), dude and lesbian(s).

Just now I heard somebody being called "gamer" and just like no? Oh now they called us all 'gamers', gross.

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Grumbling over language and internet culture 

I really dislike how friend is used online a lot of the time, like, unless you have a somewhat deep connection to me and know who I am why would you call me that?!

However, it now seems to be being replaced with bestie and that's even more horrifying to me.

Matrix clients encryption vulnerability, boosts needed 

I strongly suggest updating your clients now folx!

Disclosing CVE-2021-40823 and CVE-2021-40824: E2EE vulnerability in multiple Matrix clients

Poetry, life is strange: true colors spoilers kinda 

There's no home on the run
Only guaranteed thing is memories and fun
Heading into the sun
Do we ever really have a home
After years of being alone
I think I could be happy here
Skip a stone over the lake
And smile at the happiness you gave
After I escaped that cave
I was so brave
But not for you, I'm afraid to say
I held on to what you tried to take
And in the end it was you I saved
As much as you saved me
From a life of disharmony
The notes so bittersweet
Whilst I think about what could have been
But still I strum on
With you on every beat
I know you'll always be there
And we will transform
We will bloom
Never just blown into the wind
Our true colours finally shown

Life is Strange: True Colors 

I finished it, what a beautiful and heartmoving story,

Messengers, privacy, mixed 

Just information despite the clickbaity title.

BEST Encrypted Messaging Apps of 2021: Chat Privately! by Techlore


These old bones
Turn to stone
Under your guide
Only tears bring them back to life

Setting up a kink instance, help required, boosts good, replies even better 

So, I'm thinking of setting up a kink instance for various reasons and was wondering what a good hosting service would be for such a thing.

The requirements would be: as much control over the server as possible including being able to choose what mastodon version/fork to use and possibly other config files for the OS or web server and firewall itself, basically need it to be as secure as possible and I am not sure if I completely trust others to do that for me.

Not in the hands of 'big tech', so if possible nothing owned by google, microsoft, amazon etc.

Good enough spec/bandwidth for an instance of a few so that it doesn't run too slow and/or runs out of space/bandwidth.

Relatively cheap.

Thank you!

Podcast about linux joke 

A podcast about linux processes called the PIDcast

What do you call the level of control Daedra, Aedra, Dovah and Dwemer have over reality in The Elder Scrolls? 

Nirn Root

How does a Dovahkiin in Elder Scrolls cast the equivilant of Hideous Laughter? 

Fus Ro Dad

Joke between a partner and I, money 

Me: I put my money where my mouth is

Them: You shouldn't do that, it's not sanitary

Me: That's okay, I launder it first

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