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Note: you don't have to have ADHD to have RSD.

Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria (ADHD) by Purple Ella

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Do not ever subtoot me, not only is it rude but also I won't know if you are talking to me/about me so it won't be effective.

If you want to say something come to me directly, thanks.

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Unless otherwise stated if a post of mine is boostable then it is okay to boost, otherwise I will clearly state not to :)

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Batwoman, lack of consent 

Okay can we please not do the 'I'm going to kiss you without consent to 'help'/shut you up whilst you are talking' trope, it is abusive and teaches people bad things, thanks.

re: Sex in media, kink I guess? 

heck we could even have it where some physical interactions not usually thought of sexual or interesting, could be represented or talked about in media, even games.

I don't think it's realistic for sex in media to go away, but I am hopefully its depiction and the conversation around it changes and we could show more diverse physical and perhaps mental and emotional interactions. 2/2

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Sex in media, kink I guess? 

So James Stephanie Sterling released a video about sex in video games and I've been looking at The Sims 4 'Wicked Whims' mod recently and listening to some really interesting podcast episodes recently and I've been thinking about how like sex in media is usually portrayed and who it's usually for, or at least what kind of person it is usually for and it worries me a lot.

I think because of the patriarchy etc sex is often portrayed as this dominating, hunting and hunted (which is fine if it's consensual by the way), that the whole thing has to be about convincing somebody to do things or complaining about it if we're turned down, or at least it's represented that way in media, if not in real life a lot of the time.

I wish there was more media, especially mainstream and especially games where consent and conversations were part of it and it wasn't just a reward or assumed one in games... 1/2

Unions in 'america', question 

So, I think that Unions in 'america' don't have much power in general. If this is true is there a way to help them gain more power, especially towards the goal of creating more worker owned co-ops?

Eternals, spoilers, positive? 

Eternals was good, I don't know why so many people hated it.

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Eternals, Humans, spoilers 

Two minutes into this film and I recognised Sersi/Gemma Chan πŸ™‚

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Eternals, spoilers, representation 

I love seeing sign language being used in media

Computers, gaming, linux, positive 

I can play games on Ultra even Windows-only games for like the first time in my life. I am so happy!

Phone calls and SMS, privacy, negative 

SMS and audio only phone calls are also really bad in my opinion, SMS has all the problems that email does (no validation that the person got it, unencrypted). Audio calls are just very anxiety inducing and people can be so mean and also hurry you up which doesn't work for everybody.

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Email, privacy, negative 

Email is still a really bad method for communication as there's no inherent validation that somebody got it and even if you turn that option on they can simply choose to ignore it and no easy to use encryption that is also trustable, it also doesn't have perfect forward secrecy. It's also very anxiety inducing. It isn't like we don't have better choices, but alas it is the only way to reach some people.

It was a pretty good day! Nini fedi πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’›πŸ€πŸ’–πŸ’œπŸ’œ (closest I could get to the genderfae flag)

re: Gender, political lesbianism, thoughts, opinions, thread 

As I think they are unecessary and feel violent in a lot of ways I have heard them used, I try to find more gender neutral terms for things unless somebody specifies personally to me what they want/like, which I admit may be difficult and bring up a lot for some, but it feels like the kinder option/way of doing things. 2/2

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Gender, political lesbianism, thoughts, opinions, thread 

So they (the hosts of the podcast episode about political lesbianism I am listening to) are reading something which says that gender, specifically men and women are defined primarily by their opposition to one another, and I never really had it explained to me so clearly before, this is huge and makes so much sense to me why gender is a bag of lies, conviniences and 'normative' values we place upon ourselves or have placed upon us currently when it could be personal, not defined by any consensus but individual, unique, perhaps without much meaning except with which we choose to grant it.

It is why, I have, since mostly knowing nonbinary people in my life for the past few years have been moving further away from static definitions of gender labels and more towards the idea that we are whoever we say we are and that pronouns, labels etc our own to define. It's also why I'm becoming more nd more uncomfortable with binaries like 'femme' and 'masc' 1/2

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