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Do not ever subtoot me, not only is it rude but also I won't know if you are talking to me/about me so it won't be effective.

If you want to say something come to me directly, thanks.

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Unless otherwise stated if a post of mine is boostable then it is okay to boost, otherwise I will clearly state not to :)

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Fedora and Nvidia Steam Proton Help Required to run The Sims 4, please boost, please reply 

Anybody out there who can help @RadiantEmber figure out why The Sims 4 won't work properly even through Proton Experimental or Glorious Eggroll Proton on please, they need it for their work, thank you.

Matrix server accessibility and animated images question 

In the media repo is there a way to disable animations for only avatars and nothing else? Somebody is having accessibility issues with it.

More context re: Minecraft reports disabler so you can't be banned globally, thread 

This is not the same as ban evading because an individual server can still ban you, this mod just means you can still play minecraft on servers that haven't banned you.

The reason why this is important to do is because server operators are from various beliefs etc and they may just be racist, sexist, ableist or just not like you and I believe other players can report you too, so if they are similar you could unfairly have your account globally banned for no good reason. That's why this mod is important to install and to send a clear message to microsoft that we don't want this kind of power in the hands of random people.

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Subtoot about accounts trying to follow me 

Read my profile before attempting to follow me and do what it says, thanks.

re: Minecraft reports disabler so you can't be banned globally, thread 

The simplest way to solve this is to install PolyMC which is a better Minecraft and Mod Launcher/Configurator, once installed and logged into via either your Microsoft or Mojang account (apparently the block was only in the 'official' launcher) you can add an instance, add 1.19 and choose you would like to install it with Quilt which is a Mod launcher. Once this is done select the 1.19 instance and press Edit Instance, go to Mods, make sure Modrinth is selected and in the search box search Quilted Fabric which once search is pressed should display. Click on it then select the version you want down the bottom, then press select mod for download and then press Ok. Once this is done you can then repeat the same process with No Chat Reports which disables the ability to be reported and have your account disabled globally and also disables telemetry as an added bonus. Some other mods worth getting are Sodium & Phosphor which optimise the game.

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On the terms 'sentince' and 'sapience', politics and implied genocide/killing 

We also think saying 'sentient' or 'sapient' has similar problems because those words have been used historically and even now to care about if something is worth caring about in the way they are treated or keeping alive either as an individual or an entire species. This, we feel is not the approach that should be taken when deciding such things, not that humans or any other species should decide for another what their worth is, only the individual, system or species should be able to decide that.

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Minecraft reports disabler so you can't be banned globally, thread 

In case you didn't know Microsoft forced everybody using the official launcher of Minecraft to get a Microsoft account. With Minecraft 1.19 they also added some code which effectively means if you get reported on one server you can be banned from Minecraft globally, this is not good at all, the solution to this is in the next post in this thread.

Offer for all those frustrated with open source or shy and need problems fixed or features added 

Hey, so if you want to use open source but find its problems too much, have errors or need certain features a project doesn't have but others whether than be closed or open source do please feel free to reach out to me and I'll go find a way to submit an issue or issues for you. Because open source is only good if we all work together and add or fix things others need or have problems with, not if we only selfishly only get our own problems fixed or get features only we want to see added.

On those who claim to 'love' open source, help it get better. 

If you claim to love open source software or write it, unless you are helping to improve it in any way you can, whether that be submitting issues for yourself or others, even if they don't benefit you directly, writing PRs, forking to improve, giving developers or groups money and/or listening to your users etc then in our opinion you aren't really showing your love.

If you want others to use something because you think it's good and refuse to listen to their problems with it then they never will and you aren't exactly making it more likely people will use it then, so show some love in your actions, not just selfishly using it without giving things back or helping others get into it by giving users the features and experience they need and want.

On the terms 'artitificial' 'intelligence' and 'artificial' general 'intelligence' 

We really dislike the term 'artifical' 'intelligence' it's such a bad term to explain anything. What people usually mean when they say 'artificial' 'intelligence' when talking about current technology levels is Machine Learning or if talking about a hypothetical future 'artificial' general 'intelligence' is in our opinion better described as synethictic subjectivity as that is essentially what it would be, nothing artifical about it at all and intelligence is an ableist concept.

I'd like to learn more about what specifically makes Gotosocial different. However, I read the docs just now and there doesn't seem to be much information about it for the user or like any information on like its features that make it different from other fediverse projects. If somebody could please explain its differences and features or point me to somewhere which goes deep into them or has a list of differences or features I would be very interested. Thank you.

Discord and sites I want to try, negative. 

Honestly, I'm so annoyed that Midjourney is behind a forced Discord login, just another piece of cool tech I can't use and forcing users to give up their data to some third party just is utterly digusting, shame on you Midjourney folks.

The open web and its social problems 

Now are there problems with the open web where 'techy' people reside? Absolutely, a lot of them don't or can't really consider what it's like for the average person in these spaces. This is why I do a lot of work de-techifying them and trying to make them kinder, more considerate and safer places as I do with some closed source spaces too.

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re: About the open internet, personal vs societal choices, privacy 

I have come across several services recently where the only way to log in is to use Discord and it's getting so bad that even open source projects are moving their bug reports entirely to the platform. If people would either attempt to stop this happening or push for the open ways of submitting issues etc as well as Discord I'd be more inclined to believe that maybe it's a societal issue if developers etc still refused. However, as far as I know they do not, happy in their fiefdoms and castles whilst the rest of us look on from the outside, having no way to sign up to services or submit reports etc for certain things. It may not be bad that yet but it is getting there and I worry that one day it could be that I'll have no way of interacting with most people I meet either online or off nor services and ways of interacting with all but the most open and niche of software etc.

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About the open internet, personal vs societal choices, privacy 

I fear a closed web full of fiefdoms. I see it already happening with Discord and other providers, services, companies etc becoming the defacto way to sign into sites. More and more sites and services are requiring phone numbers or just ways of logging in some people either don't want or have no way of getting.

People say to me things like it isn't a personal choice or issue but a societal one, however, I disagree. If people use a particular service which is closed source, requests lots of personal information etc then those companies, services etc will slowly become the defacto way of doing things, meaning anybody not on them either is locked out of certain activities or doesn't have a choice but to be on them. How does this happen? By more people using them, so I do not and cannot agree that individuals/people/creatures have no say in the matter or it is not their actions making this dire change happen.

Security advice, web servers, updating and privacy 

This goes doubly so if you run a web server, outdated web server software makes it more likely your users won't be safe from either security or privacy problems.

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Security advice, not about privacy primarily. 

Update your devices and the individual components both software and hardware inside them. Not updating is the number one cause of bugs, security vulnerabilities etc and even new and advanced malware uses unpatched software and possibly hardware to take a hold.

Check your phone, tablet, computer, consoles, router, and all other devices to see if you need to update.

Looking for help on how to get and set up a server I can run things like Matrix on, very beginner friendly 

So I would very much like to run a Matrix and Mastodon etc instance and some other things etc. However, I've never really understood where to find these things and what providers are good in terms of like privacy, how much storage space, RAM and CPU I will need and what I need to pay etc. If somebody could either help me out or point me to a very beginner friendly guide I would be most appreciative. Thank you!

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