Today I learned that you can have room specific nicknames in Matrix. To do so type /myroomnick <nickname> (without the < >)

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Another great tip for Matrix is, if you want to content warn or present a spoiler for something, depending on the client you can either do:

/html <span data-mx-spoiler="content/spoiler warning">hidden text</span>


/spoiler hidden text (without a content/spoiler warning)

or in fluffychat specifically:

 ||What you are spoiling or content warning|Text to be hidden||

@photonicfae Matrix has CWs??? No way, sweet!

Fluffychat's syntax is quite nice, it'd be cool if Element adopted it.

@IceWolf Yeah, it's great! I think it's a very useful and helpful feature!

There is an github issue on this, but no consensus yet as some people use the vertical line | for pipes and were worried it might be misunderstood by the spec/clients then or at least that is one argument I saw.

Here is the issue:

@photonicfae Really great for plural critters, because it keeps the existing name on older messages! We use this all the time.

You can do it with avatars, too! /myroomavatar, no arguments needed (it pops up an open panel).

@IceWolf Yeah, we should start using it too.

Sadly, /myroomavatar only does the popup in some clients, I tried it on fluffychat on iPad OS and it doesn't do this, so it seems like it requires an argument there unless I missed something or did something wrong.

@photonicfae Yeah, it may or may not exist at all; I should really have specified that both might be specific to Element.

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