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Hello! :blob_aviator:​ I'm quinn.

I do stuff for & with , and am generally interested in programming languages like , , and . In the moment I'm re-discovering the internet as something to actively participate in - for example, by contributing to OSM, or by hosting my own server (maybe soon also my own instance?).

I'm also a giant and enthusiast.

TIL: the maximum power density (volume-wise) of the sun = the power output at the sun’s core per volume, where one liter of sun-core material weighs 150kg, where there is a temperature of 15 million kelvin

This power density

is equal to the power density of a compost pile.


Fun anatomy fact you might not yet know: Humans can see if light is polarized linearly or circularly, and might even be able to recognize the polarization direction. See for more info.

bad math 

0/0 tasks completed for today

infinite success


Recently found this article about better font defaults on Linux:

Improved my quality of life a little bit in a short amount of time. Also, for monospace, I recommend checking out the Meslo font :blob_smile:

I‘m really starting to like Snowpiercer season 2 now

I‘m looking for a usb wifi adapter (since I‘m having stability issues with my internal wifi card — looking at you, broadcom >:[ ), and it‘s such a pain! Some manufacturers say they‘re compatible with Linux, but only up to kernel version 3 (cudy). Some advertise as being Linux-compatible, and then in the datasheet they‘re requiring MacOS or Windows, and Linux is not even mentioned (Edimax). And of course, most don‘t even care at all (tp-link, asus, ...). I think the only manufacturer /trying/ to get it to work is panda, but they seem to be only available form Amazon, and their website hasn‘t been updated in 3 years.

covid impfung 

Ich verstehe nicht, warum Spahn immer noch behauptet, bis Ende Sommer allen Bürger*innen ein Impfangebot machen zu können. Mich würde es ja (wirklich, wirklich echt dolle!) freuen, aber... bei höchstens 150000 Impfungen pro Tag? Da kann mensch sich doch ausrechnen, dass das niemals hinhaut.

Oder ist mit Impfangebot nur gemeint, dass mensch sich einen Termin abholen kann und der liegt dann... so in zwei Jahren?

Direenv+Nix has calmed my life. Now, whenever I `cd` into a directory, I leave the computer and put on the kettle to make myself a cup of tea.

mental health 

I tried to keep it as simple as possible („do I feel really bad? Or OK?“), but ended up with eight different emotions to track 🙈 because in the end, I have different things I want to uncover: Is restlessness & feeling full of energy a precursor of a migraine? Does feeling stressed eventually turn to melancholy? How many days do I have the feeling of sensory overload, but not (deep) sadness?

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mental health 

Hmm, does someone here use a mood tracker? I feel like it would be useful to see if my mental health gets better or worse in relation to the circumstances (and maybe to determine if I should get professional help). But I haven‘t decided on a good metric yet. General mood? Only measure „really bad days(TM)“?

Snowpiercer s02e04 was the oof-ouch-ooh-gods-make-it-stop-this-is-all-so-horrible kind of good


I‘ve been splitting my Daily Log into a Log (like an inbox, inspired by @zerok) and a Planning section, and it really helped me get things done while not stressing out. At the end of the day, it gives me a feeling of accomplishment, instead of feeling like „Ugh, 13 tasks are still open 😣“, and it limits choice paralysis. And I can also plan fun stuff ahead of the time, so I have something to look forward to ☺️ (this is priority no. 1, after all)

fountain pen 

A pen I ordered arrived today (btw: the package was a mess, cartridges were broken up, the aluminium packaging was completely deformed — but the pen is fine!) with an extra fine nib size, and Wow! I did not know that they could write so fine. This is the only pen that I have with which I can write Kanji into my notebook! \o/


TIL: Untreated Cholera has a really high mortality rate (50-60%), and some strains kill ridiculously fast (~2h). But Oral Rehydration Therapy (which is, basically, drinking high amounts of *clean* water with a precise amount of salt + sugar) can reduce the mortality rate down to a few percent.

But, I have to say, there are already issues concerning this on the project‘s repository (they seem to be a few days old), and the maintainer has interacted with them. There‘s also recent commits in the repository.

And in the meantime, Monal seems to work on iOS.

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Ah, this is sad. I set up an server yesterday and wanted to try it out today, but my iOS client keeps crashing every time I receive a message... Is there any good XMPP client for iOS?

Cleaned and waxed my boots today. Was very satisfying, note to self: Do that more often!

Have been getting into penmanship (is that the correct word for it?) lately. Never imagined people could write so weird capital ‘G’s

I set up a murmur (mumble) server yesterday on , which was surprisingly easy... and it even works!

Today in „living with small RAM“:

- ✅ successfully activating the zram module (it‘s free real estate!)

- ✅ keyboard shortcuts to suspend applications in i3

- ✅ firefox extensions to reduce memory footprint

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