Yet again I have reached the point of equivalence between free RAM and free hard drive space

Wait did… are the taskmaster full episodes gone? 😢


TIL: Ejakulat trägt zu einer Verlängerung der Lebensspanne bei (Weizenkeime aber auch, und das besser…)

I guess social media is not a good place for nuanced discussion, a layer of trust is missing. friends would know that I‘m not trying to undermine their argument or turn out to be a fossbro/nazi/terf/…, but I can understand that people on the internet are more defensive.

(Also, I‘m not emotionally bold enough to deal with bad-faith replies which assume I‘m a fossbro or something, and probably I‘m over-anticipating, but yeah I fear rejection too much to try 😅)

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People post studies and I have an itch to basically write a TLDR of the discussion section. But I feel like it will always come off as bad-faith criticism, so I delete the toots.


Just found out that Qt6 is not packaged on Nixpkgs! omg! The issue is open for a year now, and there seems to be a 450 USD bounty on it:

Without Qt6, tdesktop (and probably other applications) doesn't work :(

It's really a pity they don't manufacture replacement cards for this laptops wifi

All the other stuff I could upgrade, but Wifi really seems to be *the* main bottleneck

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And it feels like it is machine-dependent also… So not the router maybe? Or do my other machines have more backup DNS servers?

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Do other people also often experience this?

I open a webpage, and firefox says "Hmm. We're having trouble finding that site." But for other webpages it's perfectly fine. And if one domain works, all other pages from that domain work too.

I guess this is a DNS problem, but it's also so universal for me? And appears so randomly? One day, I have no problems, the other, half the internet doesn't work.

I‘m smelling the power outlets to determine if something is burning in the wall (is this useful?)

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— (hopefully not) the last thing you will ever hear of me

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There‘s a weird plastic-burnt smell in our kitchen. What is it? 😬 Our gas smells differently, at least in low concentrations.

Installed a new battery in my old laptop, now it‘s at 102,70%! ^^


Es gibt noch die Newsletter von Correctiv, die finde ich interessant weil sie auf verschiedene Nachrichtenportale verweisen. (Und die Recherchen von Correctiv fand ich bisher auch ziemlich gut)

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Ich hab ganz lange nur Tagesschau gelesen, und probiere gerade taz und Frankfurter Rundschau. Der Podcast „Lage der Nation“ wurde mir gestern empfohlen, das Format finde ich ziemlich gut.

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Ich suche gerade nach (mir neuen) Zeitungen. Vielleicht welche, die mehr in die Tiefe gehen als in die Breite.

Was lest ihr da so?

I fell into the rabbit hole of ergonomic mechanical keyboards 😦

TIL: eating poop 


Some animals poop differently during the night than during the day. In the day, it‘s normal poop. In the night, they poop cecotropes, which they eat immediately after. This helps them process the food further to get more glucose by fermentation, but in some cases it also enables them to get more vitamins! For example, vitamin B12 or vitamin K, which is generated by bacteria.

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