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Hello! :blob_aviator:​ I'm quinn.

I do stuff for & with , and am generally interested in programming languages like , , and . In the moment I'm re-discovering the internet as something to actively participate in - for example, by contributing to OSM, or by hosting my own server (maybe soon also my own instance?).

I'm also a giant and enthusiast.


Es gibt noch die Newsletter von Correctiv, die finde ich interessant weil sie auf verschiedene Nachrichtenportale verweisen. (Und die Recherchen von Correctiv fand ich bisher auch ziemlich gut)

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Ich hab ganz lange nur Tagesschau gelesen, und probiere gerade taz und Frankfurter Rundschau. Der Podcast „Lage der Nation“ wurde mir gestern empfohlen, das Format finde ich ziemlich gut.

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Ich suche gerade nach (mir neuen) Zeitungen. Vielleicht welche, die mehr in die Tiefe gehen als in die Breite.

Was lest ihr da so?

I fell into the rabbit hole of ergonomic mechanical keyboards 😦

TIL: eating poop 


Some animals poop differently during the night than during the day. In the day, it‘s normal poop. In the night, they poop cecotropes, which they eat immediately after. This helps them process the food further to get more glucose by fermentation, but in some cases it also enables them to get more vitamins! For example, vitamin B12 or vitamin K, which is generated by bacteria.

Why does bash have so many weird shortcuts :( and why are they still popular

So many weird symbols

Can we replace it with something human-readable please

I love it when I send an encrypted & signed email and it has all these nice little stamps 📯

This message is ENCRYPTED using MILITARY-GRADE technology so ONLY the recipient can read it and it is also SIGNED and the signature is CORRECT and also NOT EXPIRED❗️

software rec 

Beep bop, there‘s a tool called Joplin and I like it. It‘s a tool for note-taking and note-organization. It uses Markdown, the client provides handy inter-note linking mechanisms, you can use tags to organize notes, it‘s got a reliable search feature and it synchronizes with Nextcloud and a few other self-hosted services. There‘s also a nice iOS and Android client.

It‘s another one of those days where I discover so many (to me) new technologies, but I don‘t find a use case for me personally. So I‘m just excited about some projects but I can‘t really do anything about it.

As in, decentralizing SciHub seems like such a great idea, but also I don‘t have the experience to do it securely, and other people have already done it. So, umm... nothing to be done for me here! Cool that you did it, thanks!

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Was just reading about IPFS when now there seems to be some sort of shortage which causes stackexchange and others to be down :blobcat_giggle: the idea sounds pretty cool, as in sharing everything via bittorrent, but the fact that the creators of the protocol are blockchain-enthusiasts makes it seem kinda suspicious...

What is „uuuuhhhhhh“ for you?

„They said they wanted to be done by the end of the month.“
„Uuuuuhhhh, that sounds ambitious!“

wikipedia, pain 

Here‘s an actually useful wikipedia fact / chart: Referred pain.

„Referred pain, also called reflective pain, is pain perceived at a location other than the site of the painful stimulus.“

They have a handy chart there ⬇️

Sometimes I think that it would be cool if we could federate webbed sites and wikis on the interwebs, but then I remember that hyperlinks exist

Does anyone know an alternative to doodle (a tool to find a date where most members of a group are available, for example to plan a meeting or a vacation) which can be self-hosted and used for large ranges? Basically, a shared calendar that can be used without an account.

mh + 

Since a month or so, I can read books again! Yay! ☺️


Coffee log 2021-05-19:

65g Espresso beans (degree of grinding: 22)
950ml of cold water
16h brewing time in the refrigerator

Result: Bitter, chocolaty, needs cream to taste good

(I don‘t really know how to describe tastes, but I‘m trying 😅)

Agh! Found it! does exactly what I mean. Hmm, what do I do with that started Django project now... 🤔

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