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trying to cultivate that effortless queers-clock-me-as-queer, antifascists-clock-me-as-antifascist punk energy

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what if every time I felt the compulsion to just post “im tired” I just jotted down a note about something that I like and made you all look at that instead

trying to figure out how to make knee braces sexy, has anyone done this

of course i know that a funny animal wont give me magical powers and a transforming trinket to fight for love and justice. i know that. but a tiny part of me still hopes

babe you need to dust your living space or a Spirit Halloween infestation will set up in here

I heard there was a secret glitch
That David showed his fans on Twitch
But you don't really care for speedruns do ya?
It goes like this--sprint forth, step back,
The double jump, the strong attack,
The baffled physics passing walls right through ya

Alright, alright, I just got an email telling me I received kudos on a fic I wrote two years ago, I GUESS I can wake up and make it through the day feeling loved and motivated after all

contemplating getting this and wearing it to family Thanksgiving

sometimes I wonder if the way I dress is hot. and the answer is: I don’t know about in general but other trans people REALLY seem to like it

the bunnygirl thumps her foot quickly, apparently happy at the mention of "DOWNFALL OF CAPITALISM"

ask the bunnygirl if she has a crush on DOWNFALL OF CAPITALISM?
> Y
> N


The Mankoski pain scale is fucking me up? I regularly report 3 and 4 as a 1? I went to the ER two weeks ago and reported an 8 as a 4????

i found a pain scale designed by a person with chronic pain and realized that I've been under-rating my pain for years

I've been reporting a level of 6 as a 3, and anything under a 4 as zero because other pain scales are like "8 is {injury I've never experienced} and 4 is {other thing I've never experienced}" 🫠

here's the one that works for me:

#ChronicPain #disability

(does the Bioware animation where I swig my drink, clonk it on the table, and shake my head vigorously)

💿 Persona 5 Royal 

selling fistfuls of pilfered electronics to support my jazz club habit

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wearing flannel in a guy way, which is semiotically different from wearing flannel in a butch way

who else is up at 5 am thinking about the impermanence of digital storage. remember that cultural push to get all of your old family photos scanned. I’m haunted every day by this shit

which of these wildly unfinished games should I work on

💿 Persona 5 Royal 

it is cracking me up that they took the chance to confirm this

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Gundam Witch ep1 

Ladies, is it gay to sit on the lap of another girl while she pilots a forbidden cursed Gundam to fight for your hand in marriage?

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