Without contemporary medical intervention, would you be alive today? :boost_ok:

personally I was put in a breathing tent as an infant because of croup so my answer is no :blobcat_shrug:

@rabbit and if I were I'd be pretty useless anyway because i'm super short sighted

epilepsy, details 

@rabbit I said no, but I feel like I should expand.
I have lennox-gastaut syndrome, so my death would be sudden and unexpected because I seize without warning or control and daily. So without my implant, I was regularly seizing while walking, biking, etc. They were often absence seizures in clusters, so I would be wandering into traffic or almost go onto train rails just living my life
So I don't know when I would've died, but most people like me die 30% earlier than others

@rabbit as a twice-survivor of enteroviral encephalitis: god no, not at all

@rabbit definitively no. woulda died before i was 1 of either a fever seizure or chicken pox.


@rabbit hard no for me, and a member of my family died of a chronic condition I also have because they didn't have access to contemporary medication

I answered yes, but on second thought I was a cesarean so possibly no
And I probably wouldn't exist in the first place without modern standards of multiculturalism

@rabbit I spent the first two weeks of my life in the hospital with a severe bacterial infection so absolutely not

@rabbit It depends of what you means by “contemporary” I guess. Appendicectomy have been around for a while.

@Sylvhem I had some difficulty defining this even to myself, yeah, let alone within the scope of a poll question. In my mind I suppose it’s something like the advent of broad understanding of sanitization practices, but even that is a very wobbly line.

@rabbit In that case, we should probably all answer “No.” given the reduction of infant’s death over the course of the last century :’).

@Sylvhem @rabbit that's true. I didnt get any life-threatening diseases as a child but also I was vaccinated and most people around me were vaccinated so who can say how things would have been different for me personally without that

@rabbit i had an open heart surgery when i was 1 year old. Basically I had a literal hole in my heart then.

So yea

@rabbit I had RSV rather badly as a child. I would’ve died.

@rabbit If nothing else had killed me first, the staph infection that put me in the hospital for 5 days and required IV antibiotics for 6 weeks would have done it.

no, but 

@rabbit personally without modern medical intervention the worst off id be yet is having a few more significant scars. But my older brother was born by C-section and there's no guarantee i could have ever been born without that

@rabbit I can point to several instances in which I would certainly have died without modern medicine

@rabbit i was a premature baby who was born 2 months early and did time in the NICU after birth. so no absolutely not


@rabbit double no: I'm a c-section baby and a cancer survivor. very grateful to have been born no earlier in human history than I was

@rabbit Answered yes but i just realized i was born via IVF so really the answer is a definite No

@rabbit how contemporary are we talking? Like post germ theory?

@rabbit I've been fairly fortunate in my memory and voted probably, but then realized I totally forgot about the little detail of being born! I seem to remember stories about me being the wrong color when I came out, and definitely had some nasty ear infections as an infant, so...I think that infant mortality curve might move me into "probably not" 😬

medical stuff 

@rabbit I was born premature and had a near-fatal infection, so... I wouldn't have lasted a week.

@rabbit not me (probably!) but definitely family members.

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