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FOSS bros will really make an ableist acronym, then get pissy when asked to change it.

It was a privilege to represent DOS/PC gaming at such a great event as the Long Island Retro Gaming EXPO this year. I ended up with 48 PC gaming setups for people to play (in addition to vintage IBM compatible machines available in other sections,) with 33 DOS games among them. And I'm happy to report that over the course of 3 days all games were enjoyed by people of all ages!

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Hello assorted gays, I am at the supermarket gently feeling you for ripeness

Tuffy says it's okay, he already reset the alarm, breakfast in an hour 🦒

audio quality is when the file is big

and the more bigger the file is the more quality it has

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Morning sketch-stream results!

A lamia fixing up her Urbie.

Rough description of how the #Mechwarrior 5 stream went last night.

#Vtuber #VtuberEN #battletech #urbanmech

finally have the spare spoons to post this

i got some adorable gift art from the amazing @bupy courtesy of my dragon @toydragon

it loooks sooo goooooood aaaaaaa it meee

@mycroft I wish whoever invented .webp and .webm a very stub your toe

Attention trans folks! Don’t forget to supervise your Blåhajar and keep your phone out of reach!

I left him for five minutes, and by the time I got back he was already on the Shark Web 😱😰

Hopefully the last begpost in a while, but bills & debt are piling up and I'm just not coping. I also need to buy food etc.

£500 would cover me until my payrise kicks in, or £300 would cover the next month. I hate having to do this but I have no other choice.

Please boost etc if you can 💖

Van progress update
Structural: 100%
Paint: 99%
High voltage: 99%
On-board electrical: 80%
Interior: 90%

Should be ready to drive by tomorrow night. Just needs some more tinkering.

Batteries need manual balancing which will be a pain... rest is just tweaking firmware settings on the charge controller. Also sticking labels on things.

Dragon style is...

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