30 more jobs applied to today with some interviews coming up. By the numbers, an entry level #infosec #remote role has to come up at some point... right? #getfedihired

i'm gonna make a 100 gecs shitpost with the guild wars factions trailer

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Anyone else really starting to love soup as an old person? 

Chicken soup for dinner. Boiled a leftover carcass, then boiled three fat chicken breasts with herbs and garlic and onion, carrots, yellow potatoes, yellow zucchini, corn, spinach, green onions and obv chicken. Seasoned with salt, pepper, sage, Basil, thyme, a little chili pepper. Topped mine with fresh lime and chili oil crisp

Every interview with Malcom Gladwell would be made better if at the end someone ran up and smashed him in the face with a pie. No he doesn't get to choose what kind of pie.

Attention trans folks! Don’t forget to supervise your Blåhajar and keep your phone out of reach!

I left him for five minutes, and by the time I got back he was already on the Shark Web 😱😰

I’ve watched 4 hours of destiny lore videos and I’m still not sure if I’m ready to start playing lol

Against my better judgement, I just ordered typewriter ribbon. :blobneutral:

Bridget is British. How do you feel about your fave now???

Seriously considering heading to the bar this has been a fucking day

being doxxed has kinda ruined my enjoyment of being online

I was briefly considering whether I was hoarding too many power supplies at work. Then one of my supervisors brought me an additional milk crate full of them as a present. Now I am certain I cannot have enough power supplies.

I am the 19.5 Volt Queen*
*(other voltages also available but mostly it’s that)

As if I wasn't already depressed enough about closing my instance

this story

is dedicated

to all those cyberpunks

who fight against injustice and corruption

every day of their lives

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