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I just added four of the brilliant silicon die microscopy photos from (CCBy3.0) to my redbubble shop so you can get them on stickers and stuff! Check them out if you like: :boost_ok:

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Cryptocurrency dipshits don't bother follow requesting me btw :dont_at_me:

seeing a lot of new ppl here posting their art, which is great :blobcatlove: !

but most of those pictures don't have captions, which is not great :blobcatglaredrink:

captioned pictures are a big part of the culture here, much more than they are on twitter, so if you have the spoons it would be greatly appreciated if you would caption your pics

some of us, myself included, go so far as to avoid boosting posts that don't have captions, and I'd really like to boost the art I've seen today!

Just learned about briscola and I’m losing my autistic little mind over it.
They took a deck of cards *with numbers* and just decided they have numerical values in a *totally different order*. Wtf. Most Italian bullshit I’ve ever heard of

COVID symptoms 

Do the I’ve-got-symptoms-but-I’m-testing-negative limbo, baby!

Blahaj is now available for your blobby emoji needs at !

Thanks to the amazing commissioner, these are all free for use. Also in telegram sticker form at

(If you want your own, I'm open for commissions!)

Woo I’m operating a livestream play reading with PTZ cameras today. It’s super fun

Scotty mo putting children in forklifts, shitpost 

The prime minister is picking up infants, crying out for their parents, and strapping them to industrial lifting machinery with a brick on the accelerator. And you’re just standing there. You’re letting our elected leader send kids careening into a warehouse wall as fast as an LPG-powered vehicle will allow. You’re not stopping him. Your children could be next you worthless piece of shi

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Scotty mo putting children in forklifts 

Kudos to whomever it was at the Guardian who was ready at the gate with “unpalletable” as headline-pun for the story

Just found a “mic” lead constructed with 3-pin XLRs on 3-core mains cable.
For that authentic 50hz hum!

Today I’m going to rewire a bunch of adapters so hopefully they work exactly the same as they have been, except complying with the unofficial standard this time (instead of reversed, because of an ambiguous diagram)

To be fair he agreed it was funny in the half-built state, it made a lot more sense when it was finished

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Also that one time I made fun of a building to him that actually he designed :blobcat_facepalm: :blobcat_nomouth:

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The neurodivergent love language between me and my dad is sending each other photos of civil engineering/architectural mistakes 😌

They sure don’t *want* you to deconstruct a box fan, but they can’t *stop* you

On the one hand it’s good to not have to fight gatekeeping. On the other, I really shouldn’t be having to teach myself endocrinology just to get basic care

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I was like “hi I want to get started with [surgery procedure] here’s one surgeon I was recommended, do you recommend anyone?”
She said “I know one guy, here’s referrals for both of them and new scripts for your meds” (which are already ones I basically self-prescribed last time)

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I mean, positive insofar as my doctor isn’t actually caring for my welfare but does so in a way that isn’t gatekeeping, by just giving me whatever I ask for since I’m well informed

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Just had a positive trans healthcare experience??? AMA

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