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I just added four of the brilliant silicon die microscopy photos from (CCBy3.0) to my redbubble shop so you can get them on stickers and stuff! Check them out if you like: :boost_ok:

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Cryptocurrency dipshits don't bother follow requesting me btw :dont_at_me:

on this, the day of Spotify wrapped, I carry a hopeful vision that if we were not dependent on ad-driven platforms, owned our own data, and paid artists directly we could build our own cool algorithmic tools to understand and explore our relationships with art and each other

This is your regular reminder to (re)read 17774 and 20020 and cry about satellites with personalities who care about nine-dimensional American football

A dirt simple lossless image compression scheme that, at least for some images, can compete with PNG, while being much simpler and faster. Each pixel is either raw RGBA, an index into the last 64 pixels, a run of the same pixel, or a difference from the last pixel.

Probably most interesting for a game or something where you control the assets and want something simple, small, and fast.

Had a good day of production meetings and mise-en-scène discussion with the director of the show I’m working on. Excited to get to work onsite though nervous about all the inclement weather predicted… I think it’ll be a muddy and wet time.

Having autistic friends is great it’s like “oh careful there’s a really bad texture on X” “come in here where it’s nice and quiet, wanna cuddle?” “oh yeah dw I’ve got the subtitles ready to go” :blobcat_nwn:

evil tech monopoly grumbles 

UGH I hate having to use fb messenger to message with basically everyone. I've nearly gotten FB out of my life otherwise

Today I have: cleaned the kitchen benches, steam-mopped the floor, taken down the rubbish, fixed a home assistant zigbee switch not working, and fixed my computer not locking properly. yay productivity. Now I'm gonna watch some vidjeos

Inprnt is offering 15% off this weekend, if you'd like an art print!
Boosts very much appreciated, thanks 💙

#MastoArt #CreativeToots

@ajroach42 we have three short EPs on

our official stance for them is to encourage people simply download them for free on the site and use them as they please, and then also pay a bit on paypal if they can


also we do glitch art commissions! which is more buying us making a new thing, but... there's existing stuff here:

Illustrations I've made for Mobilizon: a free/libre federated tool to publish your events, your pages, your information… and to focus on organizing your group. The version 2 has just been released 👍
#ccby #krita

Do not @ me if you haven’t got a suggestion specifically for lightdm and systemd pls

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ahh, linux. I can suspend the machine easily with one command (systemd). Or I can lock the screen with one command (dm-tool lock, with lightdm). But can I make it lock the screen when suspending? Not for love or money

how much of a mistake would it be to try to sharpen my serrated leatherman blades with it. using the polishing wheel, not any of the grinding ones though I think. don't want to destroy it

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oh boy I have a dremel now, I can um, *checks notes* make smallish things into even smaller things, noisefully

In the gay second-hand bookstore today I found a book from 1936 that is a manual on installing these new-dangled household electric lighting systems. It has these great proto-schematic diagram plates that I really want to scan and make posters of.

I should have tried telneting in to it to see if it would respond or not

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Just had a weird situation where all my home automation failed last night during a lightning storm.
But it was all at exactly the same time, and each device was fine!
I tried restarting the home assistant & ESPHome containers, then the entire NAS, and that didn't solve it. It took restarting my main switch this morning to fix it. As far as I can tell, unicast packets were working fine, but multicast packets were getting eaten up. How interesting.

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