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“Next time you define or perceive someone as being resilient, look at how you’ve been complicit in underpinning and reinforcing their oppression.”

— Trent Wallace, queer Aboriginal (Wongaibon & Palawa) pro-bono lawyer from Darkinjung country

It’s a healing thing to when we’ve both grown up having to teach ourselves to suppress that gleeful infodumping to not annoy other people around us.

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I’ve infodumped to him a fair bit about aerospace accidents (one of my interests) and today he came and said he’s watched some of the documentaries too and shared some that he thought were fascinating and we compared thoughts on them and it was such a happy experience

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After I talked to my family about being autistic my dad realised he is too. And recently when it’s just us together he’ll quietly share little bits of his interests with me the way I do, and especially special interests we have in common, and it warms my heart so fucking much

DND was good even if I ended up pretty overstimulated at the end but that’s just life

Look at the super cute cross-stitch fennec @Iridaceae made for mee!!! Based on a sketch by Bev Johnson. Gonna stitch it onto my backpack soon.


I play DnD with my younger brother and friends of his and one of them just asked if they should bring alcohol to the session and my initial response was “😠 you are a CHILD!” until I remembered we’ve been playing for 4 years now and they’re all adults

hypothetical violence 

I don’t deal well with names & faces I’m fucking autistic. I need notes and groupings to know who the hell someone is and there’s not a single fucking app to let me do this anymore for this godforsaken piece of jumped up silicon

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hypothetical violence 

There is no way to manipulate contacts groups on iOS or iPadOS. You can only do it on web or mac. Wtaf. This is something a fucking Palm could do.

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hypothetical violence 

I’m going to fucking hurl a brick through an apple store window I swear to god

Wonder if it’s going to be somewhat easy to write a shim layer to use a Wiznet W5500 adapter for Ethernet on an ESP32…
Looks like it’ll be easier to rewrite all the calls from the library than to hook the ESP IP stack


I have been trying to buy a theatrical lighting product from the local distributor for eight months now
Why do they make it like pulling teeth, gods above. I am *trying* to pay you money!

Do I dare to look at how much 3M dual lock costs because that would probably be ideal :blobcat_eyes:

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I’m planning to use strong double-sided foam tape to hold them in place for drop-resistance & retaining the IP rating. Another option is hook & loop tape, which might be better for maintainability.

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Making some progress on my lighting pelican case.
Ubiquiti EdgeRouter X, 24V1A Passive POE supply, and UniFi AP-AC-LR all in their approximate places. (Edgerouter is under the POE supply but might be tipped up vertical.)
The PSU in the bottom left is a recycled 15V 1.5A one that will be used for the 4-universe DMX node (DMXKing Pro DIN), which will fit in the gap to its right.
The foam segments hold the legs for the upper panel with connectors (see prev toot).

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You know what’s completely ridiculous
It’s often cheaper for me to buy a physical CD and have it shipped from the other side of the world, than to find a digital recording online I can buy without DRM (especially at CD quality).


I’m finally watching the What We Do in the Shadows TV show and it certainly is good

Autumn time in my area is nice because there are deciduous trees and shuffling through crunchy leaves is Good Sensory Feel

context of autistic brain feels 

New housemate moved in and put their stuff in the shower. My brain is possessive of the shower as Space That I Want To Control (which is not a very helpful impulse when living in shared house so I do my best to suppress it). This results in about a week of being in fight-or-flight mode in the shower because Something Changed.

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