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“Next time you define or perceive someone as being resilient, look at how you’ve been complicit in underpinning and reinforcing their oppression.”

— Trent Wallace, queer Aboriginal (Wongaibon & Palawa) pro-bono lawyer from Darkinjung country

lately the amount of deaf friends, mutuals and people in community reposting retweeting sharing posts asking hearing content creators, friends, families to add captioning to videos is fucking Disheartening

so much Deaf rage, Deaf pain, lack of knowing

I dunno what (prob cishet white) ass made an... abbreviation? for #accessibility that is a11y or whatever. It is impossible to read and makes no sense and looks like the word ally which really pisses me off. Please never use this. I hate it.

#dyslexic #actuallyAutistic #PoC

I disputed it being a “small” stash, as it fills several drawers across the house, and she said “u are a very small dragon tho” and that’s true so I will accept it

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shoutout to all the people who thought they were chill but are discovering they're just bad at asserting boundaries

My partner should learn not to underestimate my dragon stash of adapters :blobcat_tihihi:

So uh, where do I go to get hooked up with a tonne of sea shanties? (Not Spotify/apple music.)
Also taking recommendations of particular artists/recordings (real recordings, not just tiktoks or whatever)

Problems include: all the local mutual aid groups I know use it, local housing-search groups use it, it’s the de facto professional social network for my industry here, people my age strongly rely on messenger, so does my housemate group chat

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Strongly considering starting the ball rolling on getting off Facebook finally.

And yes they will throw the actual whistleblower under the bus if they don’t win the case or get awarded a bounty by the US SEC

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TL;DL: there are people who will make themselves into your best friend because sometimes the justice system will reward them with millions of dollars

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For anyone interested in opsec and the techniques state & corporate actors can use to manipulate you into making decisions and thinking they were your idea, I highly recommend you listen to episode 80 of DarkNet Diaries podcast. It tells the story of a professional social engineer who targeted an employee of a company known to be conducting unprovable illegal activities, and conned them into being the whistleblower they needed to be able to profit off a successful court case (not for the public good, obviously).

Hey America your single phase AC wiring colours are trash

I have a feeling we’re not gonna be using the rest of this IDC ribbon cable if we haven’t got through more than a few metres in the last, uh, 33 years

uspol, white supremacism, classism, ableism 

> Since Wednesday’s assault on the Capitol, I have seen the mob described as anything from “bubbas” to “hicks” to “uneducated trailer trash.” However, just today I saw a CEO, a district court judge’s son, a pharmacist, a mayor, and a woman who flew on a private jet to the rally all be doxxed on Twitter for their participation in the mob. Our rush to distance ourselves from unsavory racists and discounting their intelligence ends up framing the threat incorrectly. And it is allowing the white supremacists to get ahead.

Why is nobody talking about the *real* transphobic discrimination: becoming irresistible to mosquitoes on oestrogen HRT :blobcat_mad:

Poo. Spent the last 3 hours trying to repair the trackpad buttons in a friend’s laptop and I appear to have instead fucked the keyboard connector :blobcat_sadlife:

lynching, anti-Blackness, blunt language 

Remember that anti-Black lynchings practically always took place AFTER a Black victim was accused of some crime or transgression.

Whether they actually did the thing or not (obviously many didn't - but probably some did) was *besides the point*. The individual transgression was just a *pretext* for the white community to put the niggers in their place.

In this sense, it becomes clear that such acts have not ended & have many, many analogues today.

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