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Sometimes autism is like. Had [some sensory input]? You may be entitled to [crashing & sleeping for 12 hours]

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“Next time you define or perceive someone as being resilient, look at how you’ve been complicit in underpinning and reinforcing their oppression.”

— Trent Wallace, queer Aboriginal (Wongaibon & Palawa) pro-bono lawyer from Darkinjung country

@ThermiteBeGiants meant to show you this from a week ago at Central. One of the LRVs not connected to its other half, with the panelling on one car removed to show the chassis. Wonder what happened...
Also the little truck to pull it home


Wow it has been a Day. Non stop legging it from one end of the building to another and other people messing up and coming to us to save the day. And then undiagnosable issues in fibre patch runs and stuff, eugh


it is both appropriate and cool to ask honestly why friends said something/behaved a certain way, to explain why you said something/behaved a certain way, and to discuss boundaries about when you each want/need feedback on social stuff and when you feel comfortable giving it

if there is one thing i have learnt. its never half ass your aesthetic. don't be like 'oh i need to tone it down so people don't think im weird' i guarantee you will look less weird if you just fucking go for it


actual photograph of me every time liberals rail against riots

Does anyone else ever feel like the bassoon part in the first 45s of The Black Rider, track 5 of the Fellowship of the Ring soundtrack

I wish to be a little lizard
If I were a little lizard I would not need to “go to work”.
I would:
- run around
- lie in sun
- eat tiny büg
- lie in sun
- hide
- snooze (in sun)

you can't reform the police because the system isn't broken, its actually working at peak efficiency. you're just now realizing its intended purpose.

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it really doesn't matter what the cops are or are not allowed to do. the entire system is a direct descendant of the thugs employed by slavers to keep their property in line in whatever gruesome way tickled them that day.

after the american civil war, these thugs were ""reformed"", put in uniforms, and allowed to continue their terrorizing of free citizens.

what we are witnessing is not a parallel to the past, it is exactly the same as it ever was albeit highly sanitized, glamorized, and deified.

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Multiple times, why do I do this (the answer is capitalism)

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Me: I am gonna look after myself with work
Also me: schedules several 50+ hour work weeks

musing on popular ableism 

I don’t know a lot of other autistics but for those I do, it’s much more about wanting to know what’s going to happen — having expectations and reality matching against them. If the expectations are “maybe” then that’s okay — expecting some uncertainty. But when you were strongly expecting something and it’s not the case, it’s very stressful and unmooring.

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musing on popular ableism 

Thinking about all the ways inaccurate Hollywood stereotypes of autism harm autistic adults
Like framing the need for routine/patterns as a need to have a totally regimented existence with no variation or creativity.

Bitcoin (and proof of work mining in general) is a crime against humanity.

Autistic superpower of spending 8 hours soldering the same adapter 81 times without getting bored

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Today I am soldering a hundred little adapters for a production company I haven’t worked for before. But they have rainbow flags everywhere so I already like them

today in physical things that I always think are kind of counterintuitive and neat: the way my electric kettle starts making noise at the onset of nucleate boiling and gets louder but then *quieter* once the bulk temperature gets warm enough that the little steam bubbles don't immediately collapse

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