Are you a trans person looking for a new fediverse instance? Do you like making stuff, maybe with code or electronics, or something else? Do you believe in intersectionality and anti-colonialism?
You are invited to join, an instance by and for friendly trans folks who like to create :blobcat_sipsmile:
Read the CoC at and fill out the application form on the homepage. :boost_ok: runs on glitch-soc fork, with custom purple theming by yours truly (which slaps :blobcat_headphones:​), and small modifications like 1024 character toot/bio limit. It will be kept very closely up to date with upstream releases. It is hosted on a VPS in Sydney, Australia, and uses OpenStack object storage for media attachments, so there is no fear of running out of space for media hosting.

@lastfuture i had been, before i moved to im pretty happy staying away from the tech stuff right now IMHO.

I think your thinking of a toot i put up looking for an instance with lots of older trans folk

@yuki I consistently claim to not be a furry and yet, exclusively use blobcats :blobcat_thinking:

@vicorva thank you! Graphic design is in fact, my passion :blobcat_nwn:

@s0 I love the domain name / concept! 😍 will def check it out further soon


You have shown so much restraint in avoiding transistor puns!!

@celesteh all the puns are about cathode ray tube parts so far

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