Here I was minding my own business and capitalism & corruption really went and made FIFTY PERCENT of some parts of America anti-vax during a *global pandemic handled particularly ineptly in the US*.
Genuinely floored.


Thinking about how this can all be linked directly back to the tobacco & oil companies’ 60-plus-year progressive & systematic destruction of the reputation of the scientific field to protect trillions in profit of their evil industries



The tobacco companies were the first ones to really succeed at population-scale misinformation through manipulation & discrediting of scientific results. Then the oil companies saw climate change coming and had decades to hone their own operation with everything they learned from that, and spent that time taking control of international policymaking with well-placed corruption to solidify control against even a strongly contradictory academic scientific consensus

Strong Nota Bene on this thread: I have only a cursory knowledge of the history here and I strongly recommend finding more nuanced & cited writing to form your own opinion.

You're not wrong. If anything, you understate the issue and missed coal in the chain of denial. Try a search on "koch brothers climate denial" if you want to kill a few hours

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