To whomever started the trend of putting mayonnaise on every pizza you order: okay idea in theory, but now it’s inescapable and I want them to stop. Next time keep it to yourself


@dadegroot yes that’s what I meant. Congrats on making pizza, an excellent reheatable leftovers-food, ruined by reheating



> putting mayonnaise on every pizza you order

thanks for the inspiration 😈


@bootie_fringe idk is that not the case where you are it’s become like, ubiquitous in Sydney that there’s *some* kind of drizzled emulsion on top and I want them to Stop


@s0 Nothing should be put on a pizza after it's cooked and I'm willing to die on this hill.

re: food 

@stibbons I have ratified an exception for fresh rocket, but that's about it.

food (gross) 

@s0 "fun" fact about me and mayonnaise:

it makes me gag to the point of wanting to puke

same thing with bacon
another food trend i left out

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