I have such a desire to bling something the fuck out with addressable LED pixels & strip and design cool animations to go all over it. I even have all the parts.
I just don’t know *what* needs the bling treatment.

I mean I *want* to make a giant kinetic sculpture of moving & spinning rods, cams & curves, finished in ultra-low reflectivity black paint but studded in RGB LEDs

You would view it in a nearly-dark space. And the lights on different moving parts would blink at different frequencies and your eye would be trying to work out the structure & pattern of movement, starting from very little information, to eventually enough to see it

Or even better, it’s just lights turning on gradually. At first it appears to be a single circle being inscribed by one light. But then another light comes on showing that is in fact two degrees of freedom, synchronising to create a circle at the first point. Then another light — it’s 3 degrees. Etc.

@cadence unfortunately I don’t wear dresses, and I don’t really actually want the attention on my body lol. Also I want to be able to look at the thing haha. But Christmas tree is doable, I did the front of my house for Christmas, it’s back in my old account’s media

@s0 dresses but do it for yourself rather than the attention of others

@s0 like just make it and stay home and think about how cool it is

@s0 I keep meaning to put LED strips on my bicycle. At the very least, brake and turn signals on the back. But POV effects on the wheels is also a possibility.
Plans got well and truly shelved when covid arrived. But now I'm starting to ride again I'm starting to think about it again. Soon I'll have a bike trailer for kiddo / groceries too... 🤔


an entire three piece suit? it'd make a great visibility aid for bike riders, especially if it flashed "DON'T RUN ME DOWN BRO" across the back.

@Nikolai_Kingsley I don’t think you know much about how bicyclists dress

@s0 Have you seen Matt Parker's take on this?

Although I like how your art installation idea is shaping up!

@petrichor I hadn’t seen that. The art idea would be fun but like, I came up with that idea in 5 minutes and it would take years and thousands of $ to pull off, so it ain’t happening

@s0 I need to find a way to get you to bling out one of the trains at the railway I volunteer at, like this one in the UK was:

@ThermiteBeGiants FUCK YES I would be so in. And could integrate it with sensing a wheel RPM to sync patterns with real-world speed...

@s0 my little railway has for years run a Halloween Ghost Train that has spooky underfloor and compartment lighting, but I reckon you could take it to the next level. We just need to find a way to afford your services!

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