Please I am *begging*, will someone make a search engine that doesn’t just ignore your search terms if it feels like it and show you something more popular. *Please*. I will pay money.

@s0 sometimes quotation marks and pluses can help. But even then, not always

@s0 quote your search terms, it will then enforce that word being somewhere

@s0 so, instead of searching

good place to buy croissants


good place to buy "croissants"

@kescher I didn’t come down in the last shower. I’ve been using quotation marks for over a decade. But they don’t work anymore. Internet search engines ignore them most of the time.

@kescher @s0 nope, can confirm most search engines just ignore them when they feel like it. Just maybe not as often

@kescher the example from 5 minutes ago: try searching the term [“RJ15” connector] in google or DuckDuckGo. They’ll just show RJ11 and RJ45 connectors because they’re much more popular results, and there’s no way to say “no I really mean it, that’s mandatory”.

@patience I know you’re 91, so I’ll explain it slowly. It’s like the big index card cabinet at the library, but instead of searching for the right drawer and the right card, you press buttons and the little box does it for you, through the air! :blobcat_tongue:

@patience only the little boxes are spying on you to make the rich richer, while getting worse & more expensive

using "verbatim" mode hidden away under "Search Tools"→"All Results" can make a huge difference with Google Search:

(as far as I can tell it's the tbs=li:1 query param)

@FiXato that’s neat, I wonder if duckduckgo has one similar?

I can't find it in their advanced search help, and an online search returns people suggesting double quotes and plusses for DDG (and others subsequently replying that it's not the working well enough, or at least not anymore).

Of course it doesn't help if sites include it in their keywords, descriptions or other metadata, even when it's irrelevant...

@s0 +RJ15 seems to work for me, the results that are titled rj45 seem to say rj15 on the page.

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